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These ABE English tutorials were generously donated by the College of the Rockies to WikiEducator.

The materials are based on the "GED" adult upgrading curriculum for English skills. You can view the Skill List for a summary of what is covered in these tutorials.

This is the page node being used by the WikiEducator Community to wikify the resources. A group of educators from West Africa are working collaboratively to recontextualise the materials.

Open Invitation

We extend an open invitation to anyone who would like to assist with the task of Wikifying these resources. The task involves:

  1. Structuring the pages in accordance with the example of Unit 1 of the English Writing Skills on Simple Sentences below. You will need to:
    • Create a navigation template for each Unit
    • Use the pedagogical templates for instance objectives, activities where appropriate
    • Add the next - previous arrow templates at the bottom of each page.
  2. Recontextualise activities so that they are relevant and appropriate for the African context.

Note: The source materials and graphics are available here. No username or password is required. Just click on the "Login as Guest" button.

Unit 1: Simple Sentences

Icon objectives.jpg

By the end of this unit, you will be able to demonstrate the proper placement and use of:

  • verbs,
  • nouns, and
  • prepositions.

Unit 2: Complex Sentences

Icon objectives.jpg
By the end of this lesson, you will understand the curious interplay of:
  • nouns and pronouns;
  • verbs and adverbs plus;
  • the use of compound nouns and adjectives.

Unit 3: Paragraphs

Icon objectives.jpg
Ah, the misunderstood and often maligned paragraph. After modeling paragraph writing by teacher, you will gain a new mastery over developing and executing concise paragraphs using:
  • topic sentences,
  • relevant content,
  • and summary sentences.

Unit 4: Paragraphs and Editing

Icon objectives.jpg
It's been said that the best editing advice is to delete every other word. After this lesson, you will:
  • begin to appreciate the importance for getting to the point,
  • identify words and phrases that are of no use except to fill the page, and
  • learn how to properly use jargon.

Unit 5: Essays

Icon objectives.jpg
This is the area of writing that often strikes fear in the hearts of every hesitant author. It should not! Writing an essay is all about:
  • planning and research,
  • using an outline,
  • editing for clarity,
  • proper use of citations, and
  • knowing your reader.
  • sustaining your readers atttention
  • making them regret when the essay is finished.
  • motivating your readers.
  • Link here for a short course in Essay Writing Skills