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Certificate brown.svg - A WikiTrainer is a skilled and experienced WikiEducator conversant with all the wiki skills taught under the Learning4Content training initiative.

The WikiMaster typology is a community-based certification acknowledging achievements and ongoing service to the WikiEducator family by sharing their wiki knowledge with workshop participants. As an open project, anyone in the community is free to run skills workshops using WikiEducator's training materials. Our mission is to widen and support all educators wanting to learn how to develop OER the wiki way. Therefore, the WikiTrainer certification is not a prerequisite for running or facilitating a wiki skills workshop. However, WikiEducator is proud of the cadre of facilitators and trainers who work tirelessly in building our global skills base and the WikiTrainer certification is an community acknowledgement of facilitation skills and ongoing commitment to building the capability in our community. For this reason, the WikiTrainer certification also requires a ongoing commitment to support the administration of the WikiMaster certification system.

WikiTrainers should have:

  • mastered the skills which are covered under the Learning4Content training program and our Help Tutorials.
  • a passion to share their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the free culture movement.
  • the patience to assist all educators achieve their wiki goals, irrespective of their existing skills level thus implementing our motto: Just try it, our community will support you
  • the ability to motivate and support learners on their wiki journey
  • a solid working knowledge of WikiEducator's philosophy, approach and processes
  • excellent facilitation skills ensuring that every educator feels welcome in our family.
Skills requirement Support resources Outputs and criteria for community certification
  • Prerequisite wiki skills: Certified WikiArtisan
  • WikiEducator editing experience: A Minimum threshold of 1,000 edits in WikiEducator
  • Knowledge of the WikiMaster typology and experience in applying community certifications: A minimum of 30 community certifications are required.
  • Experience as lead facilitator of at least two Learning4Content workshops
  • Ongoing service commitment by offering support as a certifier under the WikiMaster system
  • Providing mentorship support for WikiArtisans who would like to become WikiTrainers by inviting them to co-facilitate workshops.
  • All of WikiEducator's Training Tutorials
  • WikiMaster certification procedures
  • Mentorship support provided by WikiTrainers in joining one of WikiEducator's official Learning4Content workshops as a co-facilitator.
  • Community support as a WikiNeighbour and/or WikiAmbassador
  • Pre-requisite skills - WikiArtisan
  • Prepare an evidence portfolio (sub-page on their user page) demonstrating:
    • Links to at least two workshops where the applicant was lead facilitator for the workshop (these can be online or face-to-face workshops, however the workshop must be listed in WikiEducator showing the dates, links to the participant userpages and photos of the workshop in the case of face-to-face workshops).
    • Statement of number of edits in WikiEducator at the time of the request for certification (a minimum of 1,000 edits is required)
    • A list of WikiEducator's certified with links to their respective userpages. A minimum of 30 certifications of WikiEducator's under the WikiMaster community certification system is required.
    • A signed commitment to mentor prospective users aiming to achieve the WikiTrainer certification. This mentorship role is provided as resource for prospective WikiTrainers to co-facilitate with an experienced WikiTrainer in one of WikiEducator's official Learning4Content workshops.
  • To volunteer certification services by listing their names on the Community Certifier List and monitoring requests by placing the Request for certification page on their personal watchlist and sharing the certification load.
  • Having met the output criteria above, submit a request for certification as WikiTrainer.
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