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This will become the top page of the Quality Assurance Framework portal. The purpose of the site is to consolidate the reference and rationale for the Quality Assurance and Review within WikiEducator.

Our purpose

  1. to increase the quality of OER
  2. to encourage active participation in the creation and discussion of quality within WikiEducator
  3. to provide evidence of quality improvement within WikiEducators OERs
  4. to have WikiEducator an exemplar for quality in online education
  5. to put the eMM into practice
  6. to remove barriers of entry to creating quality
  7. to encourage and mentor new contributors in developing OER materials

Get involved ...

  1. Help out by discussing any of the items within the framework
  2. Volunteer to be a reviewer of nominated featured works
  3. join our discussion groups and mailing list
  4. Create your own OERs and nominate them as featured works

In the news

  • The featured works have been developed to the point where they can be tested through reviewing nominated works. A call for nominations was sent to the WikiEducator discussion group.
  • A tiered quality system graphic was added to the contribution levels introduction.

Our guiding principles

Quality is:
  • a commitment to improve education around the world and not a mechanism to exclude new members from our community;
  • the collective responsibility of WikiEducators who develop and use our teaching materials;
  • enhanced by the design and development processes WE adopt and not the technologies we use;
  • an elusive and complex concept -- it means different things to different people and will always be context-dependent;
  • a process and not a state, recognising that materials start as a draft and mature through reiterative contributions from the originating authors and the community;
  • grown out of a healthy community, where all members are recognized and rewarded for their contributions;