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What is the WikiEducator Council?

WikiEducator is committed to an open community governance model. The Council is responsible for providing the organisational framework to support the community in the achievement of its aims, maintaining the essential freedoms of the project resources, and making these available on the Internet in perpetuity.

The WikiEducator Council will comprise 25 members:

  • 15 seats elected by the WikiEducator community;
  • 10 seats nominated by the elected members.

Who can vote in this election?

You must have a valid WikiEducator account to vote. You will be required to provide your user account and real name for validation of your vote(s).

What is this election about?

The purpose of this election is for the community to vote for the 15 elected seats of the first WikiEducator Council.

Can I vote for more than one candidate?

Yes, WikiEducator is using an approval voting system, which means you can vote for more than one candidate. Bear in mind that this election aims to elect 15 members in accordance with our election procedures.

What will the WikiEducator Council do?

The general responsibilities and powers of the WikiEducator Council are documented in the Open Community Governance Policy (to be ratified during the first council meeting).