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  1. Drag image to GIMP (Gimp_cutout01)
  2. From Toolbox select Path Tool (Gimp_cutout02)
  3. From the Layers Window Right click on the image layer (Gimp_cutout03) and add an alpha channel
  4. Use [Ctrl]+[Mouse wheel] to zoom the image. (Or use the zoom box bottom left)
  5. Now cut out object by left clicking on the border then progressively left clicking around the object. When you get to the last one as you move the mouse over the first anchor you should see the cross arrow change then click to join up.
  6. Right click inside object, and on popup menu Select > From Path, then invert using [Ctrl]+[i], (Gimp_cutout05)
  7. Hit [Delete] on keyboard to remove the background.(Gimp_cutout06)
  8. Finally Export as png (just change the extension)