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Lovely Sugar manualet!011:29, 13 December 2011
Congratulations!023:15, 8 February 2011
MASCOT FOR WIKI002:41, 4 October 2010
Tables in a WikiEducator000:50, 19 May 2010
«no subject»000:46, 19 May 2010
Cheap idea for rapid data015:22, 14 January 2010
Citations template014:58, 25 June 2009
Warm greetings from Mexico008:34, 10 March 2009
National and Transnational Curriculum Framework for WE001:04, 6 August 2008
Clearly a wiki natural!318:49, 11 February 2008

Lovely Sugar manualet!

Nice to see your other work here as well. Sj 23:29, 12 December 2011 (UTC)

Sj (talk)11:29, 13 December 2011


Congratulations on being awarded the UPE award for February 2011.

Your page is very impressive indeed.

--Kalpana Gupte 11:15, 8 February 2011 (UTC) 

Kalpanagupte (talk)23:15, 8 February 2011


Dear Valerie,
I'm Darsana.I had got a new idea.Is there any mascot available for wiki?If not can we design it?Looking forward for your valuable comments,
Darsana Joseph

Djoseph (talk)02:37, 4 October 2010

Tables in a WikiEducator

Dear Valerie, Iam enjoying the WikiEducator online tutorials. How can someone put a table in a WikiEducator platform?

Regards Mutuzana

Mutuzana (talk)00:50, 19 May 2010

«no subject»

Hi Valerie,

Iam enjoying the online lessons on WikiEducator. I have liked your WikiEducator page. It is well organised and the contents are educative.

Regards Mutuzana

Mutuzana (talk)00:46, 19 May 2010

Cheap idea for rapid data


I have been playing with a cheap idea using food-store items to demonstrate osmosis and rapidly generate data. I have started it here Photos and final write up to follow. I like to develop a new idea alongside the students to show them what can be done and keep things interesting for me.


Dmccabe (talk)15:22, 14 January 2010

Citations template

Hi Valerie,

we seem to be in a very minor [edit war]

Let's chat rather than editing. Can I help you out with an alternative template?



Dmccabe (talk)14:58, 25 June 2009

Warm greetings from Mexico

Hi Valerie,

I've been making some addings to page Images

I'd love to hear any comments from you.

Cheers, Gladys

Chela5808 (talk)08:34, 10 March 2009

National and Transnational Curriculum Framework for WE

Hi Valerie Taylor,

Leigh Blackall working with Otago Polytechnic in Educational Development has set up a page for discussions on WE framework of National and Transnational curriculum in the WikiEducator gorup on Google Groups. The discussions are very much interesing and constructive. All WE community members are warm welcome to make it a permanent venue for discussions on Curricula. The intermediate outputs on the discussions will be added/ linked to the Curriculum Project Node ( ) on WE

Warm regards Anil

Anil Prasad (talk)01:04, 6 August 2008

Clearly a wiki natural!

Hi Valerie,

Clearly you're a wiki natural and won't have any issues acquiring the status of Wikibuddy <smile>!

Would you be interested in facilitating a L4C online workshops?

See: WikiEducator:Bounties.


Mackiwg (talk)05:30, 10 February 2008

Thanks for the invitation. I am teaching/facilitating a couple of courses and workshops through early April. What is your time frame on these workshops?

--Vtaylor 03:00, 11 February 2008 (CET)

Vtaylor (talk)14:00, 11 February 2008

Hi Valerie --

L4C will run until Dec 2008 and we're planning to have at least one online workshop every month -- more if the demand picks up beyond what we can reasonably handle in a single online session.

If your interested and able to help -- drop us an expression of interest via the bounty page. Feel free to indicate availability and preferred dates. Typically the online workshop run the last and first weeks of the month.


Mackiwg (talk)18:49, 11 February 2008