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Welcome to the faculty of Hospitality, Airlines and Tourism Management at PCTE. As I have recently taken up charge as Director -Hotel Management ,my road map for 2013-14 would be a tiny little step of the broader vision I hold and would like to see PCTE Group of Institutions in ten years from now. Actually my work is all cut out as PCTE is already galloping ahead under the able guidance of our Director General Dr KNS Kang, a dynamic and visionary educationist. I have found PCTE to be a very energetic and a vibrant place and am all excited about making meaningful contributions to it.

Apart of fine tuning and streamlining certain administrative procedures my basic stress would be on the proactive teaching and learning which I can assure will not be confined to the class rooms. My team and I would ensure that students are exposed to hands on practical training thereby offering a well-balanced education in a supportive environment to develop the 21st Century workforce. I feel extra circular activities and community service are just as important as academics. Extracurricular can be anything, from a cultural club to a kazoo band just about anything outside of academics to show that you are a well rounded person and you have team skills, leadership skills and initiative. If PCTE doesn’t have a club that meets your interest, start one. To Students “You arrive ready to work hard and focused on your career, we at PCTE will give you the opportunity and support to achieve your dreams”. My goal for you as a student at PCTE institute of Hotel Management , Airlines & Tourism is that you gain a well rounded education so you can become a well groomed thinking individual, who is not only able to take on today’s global challenges with confidence but also becomes a good human being. I know that once you join us, you will be a changed person, professionally and personally, for the rest of your life. We will do our best to provide you with a strong liberal Hospitality education and a rich and memorable college experience. My colleagues and I look forward to welcoming the Class of 2017.

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