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Contact-new.svg Moses Tembo
Employer:Dzithandizeni Trades School
Occupation:Carpentry Trainer
Other roles:Head of training section
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Hi my name is Moses Tembo, I was born in Livingstone, Zambia a country in southern Africa in the year 1971 and am the last born in the family of four comprising of two ladies and two man. In 1978 I started my education at Linda east basic school in Livingstone and then moved to Nege-nega basic school in Mazabuka district where I completed my basic education. Then in 1998 to 1999 I did my skills training at Dzithandizeni Trades School in carpentry and joinery to which after completion I immediately joined the industry as a carpenter until the year 1990. From 1991 up to 1996 I worked as a small scale entrepreneur specialized in house furniture making and trained a number of my colleagues in carpentry and joinery on apprenticeship basis.


It was in the year 1997 when Dzithandizeni Trades School was looking some of it's graduates that had gained experience in the field of carpentry, that I was called and accepted the job offer in February the same year (1997. I joined as carpenter in the production department and immediately after three months probation period I was confirmed and appointed purchasing officer. In 2004 November I was transfered to the training depart as untrained carpentry instructor until in 2005 when I was sent to Technical Vocational and Teachers College in Luashya for teaching methodologies.From then I have be going to the same college for a number of courses that include Teaching materials production, writing of test items and education management which has helped me raise to the position of head of training section am holding to date with the following responsibilities-

  • Checking the teaching files
  • Budgeting for the department
  • Supervising the teaching staff
  • Arranging for examinations with the examination council of Zambia
  • Planning the training activities


Am one person that like to interact with different people at different levels in the community and in the professional field to share information,learn new ideas from others and teach others what I now and this is clearly shown by my involvement in the following groupings

  • Chairperson - Dzitha under 17 football team
  • Chairperson - Budget committee of Zambia Civic Association Garden community
  • Treasurer - Mutambe basic school PTA
  • Member - Skills competition committee under the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Pastor - Pentecostal Bible Church Mission Mandevu congregation


  • To increase my computer knowledge by the end of this workshop for enhanced usage of the computer
  • To be able to use more programs on the computer instead of just the word I have be using
  • To be able tom explore the internet and the web for information to enhance the teaching and learning process
  • To learn about the soft ware and be able to install the soft ware


I got married at the tender age of 21 years to Idah Malenji of 18 years from North western province of Zambia a Lunda by tribe and to date we have been happily married for 16 years. We have been blessed with two sets of twins of boy,girl and girl ,boy however our first and second born children are boys bringing the total number of children to six. The first born is 15 years old and doing his grade nine school, the second born is 13 years doing his grade seven, the third/fourth are 10 years doing their grade four and the fifth/sixth are two years old. During the years of our marriage we have managed to build a house and bought a car we are using as a tax for an increased income besides the salary.

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