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Contact-new.svg Subhash Garg
I know & I don't know as well

Employer:Sri Venkateswar college, University of Delhi
Other roles:Teaching and Research in graph theory under the supervision of Dr.B.D.Sharma
Nationality:Flag of India.svg Indian
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I am subhash garg learning to create some mathematical content for the students at undergraduate level. call me at 9811542826. I have an interest in the application of mathematics in our daily life .

Hitesh K Sachdeva

we encounter many problems in our routine life

  1. transpotation
  2. queueing

maths at sri venkateswara college

My achievements

I have coauthored a book titled "Mathematics for Life Sciences" in 2008

india 100pix

My College

Svcollege1 r6 c17.jpg

My interests


I am a seeker


latex practice

[math]\alpha[/math] [math]\beta[/math] [math]\epsilon[/math] [math]\Alpha[/math] [math]\theta[/math] [math]\Theta[/math] [math]\sqrt{24}[/math]










[math]\frac{d^2}{dt^2}y+\omega^2y=0[/math] [math]a\neq b[/math] [math]\nabla{\phi}[/math] [math]\begin{pmatrix}2&5&6\\-3&7&8\\0&9&1\end{pmatrix}[/math] [math]\begin{bmatrix}2&5&6\\-3&7&8\\0&9&1\end{bmatrix}[/math] [math]\begin{vmatrix}2&5&6\\-3&7&8\\0&9&1\end{vmatrix}[/math] [math]\begin{Vmatrix}2&5&6\\-3&7&8\\0&9&1\end{Vmatrix}[/math]