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Microbial Physiology

Microbial Nutrients

  Microbial cells are made up of elements like C,H,O,N,P,S,Ca,Mg,Fe & K.These elements which are required by the cells in higher concentration are known as Macronutrients.Of these the first six ie.,C,H,O,N,P,S are components of proteins,lipids and nucleic acids and are required by the cell in gram quantities are known as Major elements.The remaining four are required by the cells in milligram quantities and are known as Minor elements.They play a role in microbial metabolism.Some metal ions which are required by the cells in very small concentration ie.,are called Micronutrients

Nutritional types of Microbes

Microbes are classified based on G

  •  Carbon source
  •  Electron source
  •  Energy source

Based on their Carbon source as

  • Heterotrophs
  • Autotrophs

Based on their Energy source as

  • Phototrophs
  • Chemotrophs

Based on their Electron source as

  • Lithotrophs
  • Organotrophs

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