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Photo © by John Testa
Philip Serracino Inglott leads the e-Learning Initiatives of the Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit (FTZ), a non-profit, public equivalent organisation implementing various transnational projects supported by the European Commission, UNESCO or the Commonwealth of Learning. He is the Technical expert of the Malta Avicenna Knowledge Centre, a project dedicated to accelerating the adoption and best use of ICT-assisted Open Distance Learning (ODL) in 11 Mediterranean States. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Studies and Philosophy from the University of Malta, and has worked in various I.T. related roles, including research and teaching at the same University. He has served as a board member of Maltanet Ltd., a local ISP, and acted as research assistant to the Maltese Government’s Representative at the Convention on the Future of Europe.

Mr. Serracino Inglott’s varied interests have seen him participate in an educational television programme and writing a column about university in a local newspaper. He is a member of the Koperativa Kulturali Universitarja, a co-operative aimed at promoting cultural events on and off campus at the University of Malta. Mr. Serracino Inglott is an avid supporter of Open Source and Open Content and is a member of the Malta Linux User Group.

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