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St. Joseph Primary School Basseterre

Secondary Cayon High

College St. Kitts - Nevis Teachers Training College
College of Further Education

Univeristy University of the West Indies - Mona Campus
University of Waterloo - Ontario

Here is a partial list of the books that I have read in the past year

A History of God
Children of Kaywana
Black Skin White Mask

I am practicing how to import images into my page Message pad with pen.jpg

For my second practice, I will insert
This is my first thumbnail

And more practice

Creative Commons makes it flow.

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Use your knowledge of the elements of Persuasion and prepare and present a short speech on a issue on which you would like to influence your peers on

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View the film "Twelve Angy Men". Discuss four (4) elements of Persuasion as illustrated in the film in no more than 500 words

Creating Templates

To create a template you need to create a page with Template: as the first part of the name. The usual way we have been creating new pages in the wiki up to now has been to create a link in some content to a page that doesn’t exist as yet, then follow that link to edit the new page … but templates are a little different because we are not really creating a link to the template itself, just including it in the page