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Contact-new.svg Mamotebang Khopotso Molise
Employer:NULNational University of Lesotho
Other roles:Researcher
: 23, May 2024
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I am Mamotebang Molise, a lecturer at the University of Lesotho in the Institute of Education (Teacher Education Division). The main mandate of the division in which I work is on CPD. We work with teachers both in the Primary and High schools in the country. I also teach a course to education second year students - Teaching and Instructional Technology- in the Faculty of Education.

Educational Experience

I Started teaching in high schools for nine years. Then I did the Bachelor of Arts with Education degree at the National University of Lesotho. Taught at the Lesotho College of Education for five years.After the five years and obtaining an M.Ed at the University of Ohio in the USA, I became co-ordinator of Inservice activities of the college for eight years, became an Assistant Director for the Division of In-service in the same college. I joined the National University of Lesotho in 1995 and am still with the university working as lecturer and researcher as shown in the introduction.

Workshop Expectations

My workshop expectations for this workshop are as follows:

  1. to learn about wiki education:
    • what it is
    • how it can be useful to both teachers and learners
    • how to become a member of the community of wiki educators.

Future Plans

Some of my future plans on the wiki educator are:

  1. to open a new web page for myself
  2. to try and use the page more often
  3. to assist my colleagues so that they too have their pages
  4. teach my students about wiki education so that they use it too
  5. use it in teaching