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Employer:Commonwealth of Learning
Occupation:Education specialist,Higher Education
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My Profile

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I am Madhulika Kaushik ,a professor of Management Studies working as an Education Specialist, Higher Education at Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver Commonwealth of Learning.I have earlier worked for the Indira Gandhi National Open University, India and the Wawasan Open University, Malaysia

I have an MBA and a PhD in Marketing and have worked for 33 years now, the last 23 years in open and Distance Learning

Besides being actively involved in the design and development of Management Programme at IGNOU since its formative years, I also served the University as Director School of Management Studies; Director, Electronic Media Production Division; Director Planning, and the first Director of the National Centre for Innovations in Distance Education.

I have been involved in the design and development of the Commonwealth MBA and MPA programmes, from their initial planning stage and have been the member of the COL Academic Board since 1998. I coordinated the CEMBA/PA programmes at WOU from January 2007 to July 2009 first as a professor in the School of Business and Administration and then as the Director, Centre for Graduate Studies.

In the area of ODL I have written numerous course modules, developed case studies,video and audio tape based teaching materials as well as overseen the development of online teaching materials.I have been involved in Programme Planning and Administration for very large and widely distributed learner populations.

My Interests

  • OERs and management/Marketing/Consumer behaviour
  • Quality assurance in ODL, including that of online material
  • ICT in Education
  • Networking with educators to share educational resources
  • Identifying and addressing issues of Quality assurance in OER content
  • Gender Issues in Higher Education

My Perspective

  • Conversion of print based content to online content: Owing to the limitation of bandwidth a lot of institutions feel that posting all text on the web may not be a good use of the medium.
  • Multimedia CDs supported with online services , updates and interactive discussions on the web may be a better strategy for offering online education at Masters and Executive masters levels
  • Selection of appropriate OERs and their adaptation to the learning needs of target learner populations remains a key challenge in OER usage

Training Project,27th Feb, 2009,WOU

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After going through session you should be able to

  1. describe why consumers apply selectivity in processing advertisements
  2. Explain the different kinds of selectivity
  3. Discuss the concept of selective distortion

Learning Concepts relevant to Advertising

Selective exposure

Selective exposure is a phenomenon that marketers have to contend with all the time. Consumers will excercise selectivity in various ways

  • by zapping
  • by zipping
  • by turning off pages
  • By tuning out

How do Marketers handle this problem

Marketers try to combat this by

  1. creating differentiation
  2. Introducing surprises
  3. Rewarding viewing
  4. using celebrities

Creating differentiation is the most commonly used strategy of attracting and maintaining viewer attention, differentiation could be in the form of

  1. product or feature differentiation
  2. Copy differentiation( color insertion in a black and white newspaper,black and white ad in a multicolor magazine,all illustration and no copy,starling headline , creative use of space and visuals etc.or in electronic media format and duration differentiation, innovative execution,creative use of music and silence etc.)
  3. Format differentiation
  4. placement differentiation

Creating surprsies by incorporating spectacular visuals can have downsides too

  1. it can be expensive
  2. it can actually defeat the purpose-people can remember the visual but forget the product

For example , the picture on the right is used as an image to evoke association with a brand of coffee. Over time people,will reatin and remember the spectacular image of the sunrise but forget the coffee brand,so the imagery was successful but the brand association was not and part of the reason was that the visual was so spectacular that it overrode the brand name memory

The issue of Selective Distortion

My Sandbox

My sandbox I would like to have inputs on

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