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Hi everybody I´m trying to make this work let's see what happens! :D

This is an internallink to one of my classes:


This is the link of the place I work for: [2]

My name as a heading in bold and italics: Itzel


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Academic writing book



Academic Writing Material

Academic writing Book guide for students

Academic Writing Book

Discussion questions for unit 3

Week 1 (September 6-12, 2010)

  • Choose at least four questions based on the reading What is an academic paper?.
  • Analyze and reflect on the information in the article and write your response to the questions.
    • What are the academic writing essential characteristics?
    • How is an academic paper constructed?
    • Explain the importance of summarizing, evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing what you know.
    • How do you know if you have chosen an appropriated topic to write about on your academic paper?
    • Why do you have to consider your position and audience, when you write an academic paper?
    • Explain the structure to follow in an Academic paper.
    • What tips did you find more useful to write your academic paper and why?
    • How does academic writing differ from other type of writing?

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