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Contact-new.svg Gideon Mwanza
Employer:Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies
Occupation:IT Lecturer
Other roles:Co-ordinator
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About my Self

Iam a Zambian man aged 35. Did my secondary school at Luanshya Boys Secondary School in 1987. After completion of my secondary education I was selected to do my BSc. Degree programme at the University of Zambia. I joined the Computer Mathematics programme in 1988/89 academic year. After completion of my degree programme, I joined Delotte & Touche as a trainee accountant, the position I held until 1995. Joined Qasim Mining Enterprise as an Accountant/Systems Administrator. I left the company and went abroad to pursue my masters programme in Computer Sciences in the Federal Republic of Russia. I was stationed in St Pertersburg until completion in 2001.

Joined Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies in September, 2001

My Work

Men at work

As mentioned earlier, I joined ZCAS in 2001, as a part-time lecturer. Was involved in teaching skill-based short IT courses which the centre was running on behalf of Cambridge University. I did well in my work and was taken on full-time basis. I started lecturing on IMIS Foundation programmes and Mathematics was one subject I taught at this level. With the coming of NCC (National Computing Center, UK) programmes on the centre's IT programmes, my area of specialization changed from mathematics to purely IT related subjects. Iam now specialized in Computer Hardware, Networking and Internet Security. In these areas of specialization, I impart students both with hands-on and theoretical skills. With experience I have gained, was chosen by the centre to undergo an instructor's course on some CISCO Networking Academy progammes.

It my pleasure to share the fact that we as a centre be offering the CISCO ITE Essentials programme this coming semester starting the 14th of July 2008. The course comprises:

  1. ITE Essentials I (PC Hardware and Operating Systems)
  2. ITE Essentials II (Network Operating Systems)

Participants for the course will be drawn from the following:

  • Centre student (Male and Female)
  • Professionals (Male and Female)
  • Employed (Male and Female)
  • Non-employed (Male and Female)
  • Disabled (Male and Female)

May I take this opportunity to share the insight of this NEW programme....TO BE Continued

My Passions

I love my country Zambia. I have a passion for those that have exceled in their education endeavors. I have the extension of this passion to those students that have keen interest in their studies and try to share my knowledge in the area of their interest. I presume that is the concept behind the open source project, As Nelson Mandela said and I quote "We should strive to use Education to make the world a better place to live in. "

Reasons for workshop participation

I would like, unpon completion of the workshop to be able to collaborate in the Wiki Community and the world at large, with the notion of information sharing. We will use the internet and education as equalizing factors to achieve this collaboration.

My family

I have family of 4, myself and my wife with two boys, Jack and Gideon Jr. They all go to school and they are an inspiration in whatever I do. I would like them to go beyond the level of education I have attained.

Junior with DadHome boy

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