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A cuddly cat

Content for this page will come soon.

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Creating a Link

This is a link to the Main page

I want to link to the VUSSC page


Creating a Main Page

This is my page on Stress Management

A fluffy cat

The colour of Autumn


Creating a Subpage

This is a subpage to vegetables page /Tropical vegetables You click on edit of the page Vegetable and then create the subpage of the page vegetable by typing the syntax above.

You can also add the word vegetable followed by slash (/) to create the subpage to vegetables as follows Vegetables/Green vegetables

The following phrase is bold: I like apples. This phrase is italics: Water cleanses your body.

I am experiencing total confusion

I am hoping for a miracle

Gardening is fun. It is a great form of exercise, especially for those who do not enjoy keep fit exercises. Gardening works your whole body and helps you develop a love for nature.




  • Prepare Minister's Address
    • Write the first draft
    • Type the first daft.
  1. Prepare invitations
    1. Finalise list of guests
    2. Secretary types invitations
  2. Finalise course proposals
    1. Proposal for German course
  3. Proposal for Italian course

New Page


[Education intranet]

Picture of Fiona

Message pad with pen.jpg - I've added an image resize to this example.

This is my first thumbnail

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Professional development

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Web Resources


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Web Resources

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I have the following objectives:
  • Objective one
  • Objective Two

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In your group, discuss and identify three advantages of exercise

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Self Assessment

Attempt the following questions and then check your responses against those given at the end of this section