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Contact-new.svg Emoni Tesese
Employer:Samoa Land Corporation
Occupation:Executive Assistant
Other roles:Teacher, Tesese Institute of Administrative Studies
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PO Box 356, Apia, Samoa

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My name is Emoni Togamau Tesese, born in Samoa (originally called Western Samoa) in the South Pacific. I am an Office Worker during working hours and afterhours I work as a Teacher at the Tesese Institute of Administrative Studies, at Lalovaea, Apia, Samoa.

My Interests

  1. Reading
  2. Teaching office skills
  3. Helping Others

My Passion

It was not easy for me to gain knowledge in office technology due to financial constraints but my loving parents sacrificed in order for me and my siblings to gain quality education. From the difficulties I went through, I understood and had the passion to help the less fortunate, through the provision of office skills so that the school leavers especially could find knowledge and skills to enter the workplace and find better futures for themselves and their families.

Greatest Passion

My greatest passion is helping students at the Tesese Institute.

Categories of Students

The categories of students that we have at the Tesese Institute are:

  1. Students from other schools
  2. School Leavers
  3. Workers in the public and private sectors

Subjects I teach:

  • Business Communication
    • Level 2
      • For senior students
    • Level 3
      • For advanced students
  • Report Writing
    • Level 2
      • For senior students
    • Level 3
      • For advanced students
  • Office Skills
    • Level 3
      • For advanced students
    • Level 4
      • For professional students
  • Office Administration
    • Level 3
      • For advanced students
    • Level 4
      • For professional students
  • Shorthand
    • Level 1
      • For beginners
    • Level 2
      • For intermediate learners
    • Level 3
      • For senior learners
    • Level 4
      • For professional learners

My Proposed WikiEducator Project

I would like to be able to contribute to the community by developing a curriculum in Office Skills so that I can help not only the students who enter the doors of the Tesese Institute but also to be of assistance not only to the Ministry of Education, the Samoa Qualifications Authority, the Samoan community but to anyone else who needs my help.


This WikiEducator Training is a very interesting experience for me and I am greatly blessed in getting this opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills and to be of assistance to anyone else.


I wish to thank the Trainer, Mr W Mackintosh, for your time, efforts and patience in teaching the amateur students of Samoa how we can help ourselves to help others.

Thank you also to all who made it possible for us to attend and benefit from this WikiEducator training.