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About Myself

My name is Chavi. I Enjoy reading,teaching, listening to music and watching movies. I love to travel and explore various cultures. Mythological facts and stories interest me. I enjoy going for long walks and playing badminton with my kids.

My academic and professional interest

I have done my undergrad from Delhi University in Economics(Hons).I did my post graduation in economics from Delhi School. I find Economics a very dynamic subject. Ever growing and challenging it motivates me each day to find out more about the global economy and share it with my students. The topic of Islamic Bankingparticularly interests me and i have written a research paper on the same.Presently I am part of the Shri Ram school. I teach Economics there to the senior students.

My Favorite quote

Some people see things as they are and say why? I dream of things that never were and say why not?

My future plans

I aim at pursuing my doctoral degree in Economics. I want to travel the world and read Greek mythology. /oerworkshopTsrs

Economics in Senior school

The theory of marginal utility- A worksheet

  1. What is the meaning of the term Marginal utility? Explain with an example.
  2. As we consume more and more units of a commodity, it's marginal declines. What law does this relate to? Explain
  3. How would you define the theory of Equi- marginal utility
  4. Calculating utility, with graph

You are choosing between two goods, X and Y, and your total utility from each is shown below.

Units TUx TUy

 1       10      8
 2       18      15
 3       24      21
 4       28      26
 5       31      30
 6       33      33

a. If your income is $9 and the prices of X and Y are $2 and $1, respectively, what quantities of each will you purchase in maximizing utility. b. Specify the amount of total utility you will realize.

c. Assume that, other things remaining unchanged, the price of X falls to $1. What quantities of X and Y will you now purchase?

d. Using the two prices and quantities for X, graphically derive a demand curve for X.

  2. Worksheet on mean, median, mode

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