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A sustainability awareness programme

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  • encourage acting in environmentally, economically, socially and culturally sustainable ways within our daily work environment for a more sustainably responsible organization

Some simple measures can be proposed to make things and mindsets change:

Environmentally friendly publications management:

  • reduce the number of printed documents, and adopt a print on demand system
  • get on line and digitalized as much as possible and keep paper for off-line partners and audiences
  • adopt a code of practice (such as Supporting Sustainable Development through Educational Resources: A Voluntary Code of Practice (

Waste management and recycling of:

  • paper
  • printer cartridges
  • computers (sending them to refurbishment centers for schools)
  • old office equipment and materials (typewriters, etc.) through environmentally friendly recyclers

Staff awareness:

  • energy savings by turning off one’s computer at night, turning off lights when not necessary
  • favour contracts with companies having adopted environmentally friendly management
  • favour eco-designed products (recycled paper, office furniture, etc.) when placing purchase orders
  • familiarize staff with sustainable consumption concepts and practices, by using existing UN materials, such as the UNEP/UNESCO YouthXchange kit

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Web Resources

  • DESD website -
  • TLSF programme -
  • UN Global Compact -
  • UN Environmental Management Group -
  • Sustainable Procurement & Environmental Management Programmes for the UN System -
  • UNEP/DTIE Sustainable Procurement Programmes -
  • UNEP Resource Kit on Sustainable Consumption & Production -
  • Environmentally & Socially Responsible Procurement Working Group -
  • UNEP/UNESCO YouthXchange kit -