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My Profile

Professional Background

At the age of five I attended Sacred Heart Primary School from which I got my certificate for completing the primary education in the year 1979. After completing my primary education I then attended one of the most prestigious colleges at that time -Sacred Heart High School in San Ignacio. That high school professes a high educational and ethical philosophy that has remained with me throughout my life. It is this foundation and the continued support of my family, educators and friends that have influenced me to fulfill my dreams of becoming a teacher.


In the year 1984 and 85, I completed the first class certificate in teaching. In 1993 I enrolled at the Belize Teachers College and completed my level 1 in 1995.The following year I enrolled in the level 11 program which I completed in the year 1997. Later I was granted two years study leave to pursue my Bachelors Degree in Primary Education.

My Interests

  1. continue being a good mother and wife
  2. support my children
  3. complete my Bachelor's Degree


I am anxious to go back to the classroom to continue teaching those children entrusted in my care while doing my internship. I am sure that if I work hard and with the trust in God, support of my family, colleagues and advisors I will fulfill my dreams of becoming an effective teacher. I want to be a teacher that children can look up to me for any advise and support




My Projects

start a vegetable garden for the school.

My Sandbox

Faith Nazarene School

Literature review Characteristic of an effective teacher.

    For a student to be successful in his or her studies, a teacher plays a fundamental role in their development. To achieve this a teacher must be a very effective person. There are many characteristics of an effective teacher. In this paper I will discuss three of the most important characteristics. Firstly, the effective teacher must have positive expectations for her students success. Secondly, possess excellent classroom management skills and lastly, know how to design effective lessons plans for students mastery.
    In having positive expectations for students success the effective teacher must be aware that every student is unique and that they can learn regardless of any disability. When a teacher sets positive expectation for her students, they feel encouraged and are willing to strive for excellence. Students then  build that trust and confidence in themselves and look up to their teacher as a role model. Students  are then confident that if they make a mistake the teacher is a caring, friendly and approachable person that will help them. As children build that confidence the effective teacher must use positive reinforcement to encourage their success. Also, the classroom setting must be conducive to learning. For example clean classroom, comfortable chairs, charts, small library and many other necessary materials that will contribute to the success of the children.
    An effective teacher must possess excellent classroom management skills. I believe that effective classroom management begins with the first day of school. How will prepared the teacher is for that first day will determine how much respect the student will have for the teacher. Some of the things an effective teacher can do is to place a welcome chart on the door so children feel welcomed. The teacher can also, have names of students on their chair prior to class and name tags for each  students. Also, a classroom must have rules, teacher and students can come up with the classroom rules and possible consequences for breaking the rules. In this way the children will feel that they played a part in coming up with the classroom rules and will strive hard not to break it. 
    Good classroom management also means that the teacher is well prepare in her lessons and know how to manage time wisely in order to avoid chaos and confusion in the classroom. If a teacher is not well prepared for class children will start giving trouble and will feel discourage and their academic achievement will diminish.
    Lastly, an effective teacher knows how to design lessons for students mastery. As we all know that not all students learn at the same pace, therefore it is up to the teacher when planning to take this into consideration. The teacher must be sure that the objective of the lesson is achievable by all students. The introduction and teaching activities are interesting and motivating that the children will want to participate. Enough teaching activities  such as games, are their for everyone. After evaluating a lesson, the teacher finds that most children did not master the concept, the effective teacher must be willing to change the strategies in order for her students to master the concept.
    After looking at the three characteristic of an effective teacher, The one that I can strongly identify myself with is that I can design lessons for students mastery. I believe that every child is a unique individual and that regardless of any disabilities everyone can learn. That is why when I develop my lessons I  make sure that the objective is achievable, I also make sure that every minute is accountable with teaching activities which includes chart for children who are visual learners, manipulative for children who are tactile learners and videos, tape recorders for audio listeners. I  also include activities where children can work in peer and groups.  If after evaluating a lesson I find out that most of my students did not master the concept,  I am willing to change my lesson to ensure my students success in mastering the concept being taught. 
    In conclude I would say that teachers are faced with many challenges. Today’s society is changing and the children entrusted into our hands come from various societal level. It is up to us the teachers to give them the best education possible. Teachers must have a positive mind that teaching is their passion and have positive expectation for her/his  students, possess good classroom management skills, and know how to design lessons for students mastery. 

My Reflection

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