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Hello , my name is Anne Asual. I am currently going to school school at De Anza and Foothill college. I work full-time and I am trying to balance school work at the same time. I am going for my second major, which is still in business but totally different subject. This class is a very interesting class and I've learned a lot without a book and just the articles on the internet. It helped make me aware that the internet have so many great articles, but also bad articles. So it was great practice to break it down and analyze.


For my midterm, I covered the subject of Secure Cyberspace. There are a number of ways you can secure your work in cyberspace. One way is through encryption on the cloud through Data Processor and Data Verifier. Another way is to consistently change the fingerprint of the network in order to make it harder for hackers to keep up. This is called Moving Target Defense. One other resource I found was Tailored Trustworthy Spaces which means based on the importance of the document, is how manage the security on your website or cloud. These are just a couple of resources to use to Secure Cyberspace.

Final Project

1. Introduction - New Search (BEST)

This was a fitting article especially for the introduction. Any college course or any class in general should help you be more successful in life. This article is a great article to help guide someone to obtaining their goals. This article got me thinking that I should get more organized when it comes to my school and career goals. I do that by following these 10 lists to success. I would definitely recommend this article to anyone because it's not necessarily something everyone needs to know, but it is something everyone would benefit from using. - New Search

This article was about how technology is getting to the point were the governments will be able to keep an eye on everyone in society. I think this was the perfect article to pick for the introduction part of the class because it is getting the point that technology is diminishing privacy in society. I have read so many interesting articles about this subject in the past and even though the thought kind of makes me feel a little more secure especially with all the shootings and bombings going on, I can still understand how people would feel violated if this goes through. I think people need to know that technology like this is being invented, but maybe if they know this less crime will happen because they won't be able to get away with it. - New Search

Technology is out in the world to help society make life a little easier to live. I didn't know this, but you can do community service online. The United Way provides three services people can sign-up for online and these services are considered community service. One obvious way is by donating money. Another way is something that didn't cross my mind, which is using social media to help spread the world for news and events with the United Way. I will definitely spread the word about community service online because any free help to those in need counts. I live such a busy life and the fact that I can help my community or the world through the computer really motivates me more to do community service because no excuse to help since technology is in the palm of my hands or at furthest arms length.

2. Privacy and Freedom of Speech - New Search (BEST)

Because of technology, our privacy is slowly becoming non-existent and could possibly lead to the lost of our freedom of speech. For assignment number one in society and computers, I posted an article that talked about surveillance and how this a worldwide necessity. As of now, I believe this type of technology is comforting to a lot of countries especially due to all the shootings and bombings going on all over the world. If every country can track each of their citizens at any time maybe it can help prevent disasters like this from happening. This can also be very dangerous because if their surveillance videos get into the wrong hands, people's lives can get exposed and they could have blackmail or people can get stalked and be in danger. I would definitely recommend this article so people are aware of the hi-tech technology possibly coming to our country very soon. - Discussion

This article is another example of how technology is diminishing out privacy and freedom of speech. Thanks to technology we are googable. Googable means once you search anyone on google, information about that person may or may not come up. You would think the less information the better, but sometimes if a potential jobs searches you through Google, they may think you're hiding something if you've edited your information in the web. This makes it harder for people have the reputation they want for themselves. I think people needed to be reminded to be careful what they link themselves to in the internet especially at a young age. Schools should offer classes for the younger generation about internet ethics. - Discussion

This article is another example of how the government can use the internet to labels us as a "good citizen" or "bad citizen". There are a lot more distractions and activities available to everyone because of the help of technology. Politics is the last thing on people's minds. To be considered a "good citizen" you should be talking about politics and be considered on what's going on rather than all the other media distractions. Also, just because someone isn't posting about politics or researching doesn't mean they're into politics. They could come a time that they won't believe in a government rule and fight for a new rule or for it to get amended. The article is a little confusing to talk about and pick apart. I wouldn't really recommend the article. It is another example of how the internet can take away the identity we want the world to know about us.

3. Intellectual Property - New Search (BEST)

Google is going to court to help support users keep videos on YouTube even though it may slightly be breaking the rule DMCA. Things like have a song in the background is considered breaking the act DMCA. The song is considered a intellectual property and due to technology anyone can post it on the internet, but if caught if can be taken down due to DMCA. This actually recently happened to me. I posted a video of Janet Jackson from her concert and it got taken down by the next day. I think because need to be aware of this rule just incase they post a video that they don't save in their system and lose that memory forever. - Discussion

This article gave an overview of a technology expert's prediction on technology in 2025. Obviously there will be new inventions with technology like clothing aka intellectual property, that will help diagnose a person and free wifi that's just worldwide. This article had so much information that I could not think of a question. If people would like to get an idea of the type of new technology they could see in the future, I would recommend this article. - Selected Media List

This article talks about computer elbow which can be developed when you're on the computer for hours and you don't take any breaks. I'm not too sure how this article ties in with intellectual property, but my guess is the term itself might be copyrighted. Also the products you use to develop this condition can be consider intellectual property. I would definitely recommend this article to anyone that has an office job because like me they're on the computer for almost 8 straight hours.

4. Crime - Discussion (BEST)

This article covered how air traffic control did not follow standard procedures in alerting the pilots of other airports in close proximity to intended destination airport. You would think because of how advanced technology is nowadays, that air traffic would have any problems telling the pilots on the aircraft, which airport the aircraft in scheduled to land on. The article is an interesting subject, but doesn't really have to do anything with the usual daily life. It does however prove that each with our hi-tech technology we need people that are aware on how to use it correctly. - New Search

Identity theft is a crime and it can also happen when it comes to filing your taxes. The IRS formed a unit called the Identity Protection Specialized Unit that helps taxpayers recover from identity theft when it comes to taxes. You can only do so much to secure your information, but because of advances of technology, identity theft can happen to anyone. I would definitely recommend this article to anyone because it can happen to anyone. It's useful information to know just incase. - Selected Media

This article is about asking the right questions because based on the question that is asked, you can tell if someone understands the information or not. This will definitely come in handy when it comes to asking the right questions in order to prevent errors that may lead to a crime. This comes in handy in all parts in life because it helps people figure out if they know the right information and what else they need to know. This is definitely an article worth reading for everyone.

5. Employment, Education and Entertainment - New Search

This article describes the imbalance of the global workforce. Having a high education doesn't necessarily mean you will get a job. It all depends on location. Some areas have blue collar type of jobs and that makes a high educated candidate unqualified. An article like this should not discourage a person from getting a higher education, but rather make them aware location plays a factor in the right job opportunities. This is an article I would recommend to anyone that specializes in a specific career. Like nurses are every and administrative jobs are everywhere too. Specific technology jobs isn't available in every city. - New Search

This article is about a company called Octavian Training that is developing a software that will launch a global workforce training product that will be sold internationally. The company is aware of how important it is for companies to break the language barrier and this product will help companies get on the same format as their international companies. I don't think everyone needs to read this article, but I would recommend it to managers with offices that are also international. - New Search (BEST)

STEM education is very important especially in this day of age. The school district in this article had STEM week which was a whole week to give real world information to students and their family. School aren't usually educating their students on current events of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. They're just teaching them what's in the books. This week is great, but I do think it should be incorporated in a daily lesson plan for K-8 students. I would recommend this article to everyone especially parents and teaches in order to get this information into the school system.

6. Mid Term project - Grand Challenges - New Search

The grand challenges to keeping cyber space information secured is a serious challenge. Technology is always changing and everyone is always trying to keep up. This article is about encrypting cloud information in order to keep hackers from understanding the info they obtain. Since this type of software is probably expensive to obtain, I would recommend this article to business companies with a high revenue. - New Search

If you're always moving can they catch you? If you're also one step ahead, can they catch you? That's what this article is trying to say, if you're constantly changing the fingerprint of your documents, it'll make it harder for hackers to track that information. Again, I would only recommend this article to high revenue companies. - New Search

This article was about how the security of the document should be based on how important it is. I agree because compared to the articles to the two articles above, that type of cyber security is not necessary for a document as simple as a school paper. That type of security software doesn't have to be as strong. It wouldn't hurt to have people read an article like this about how cyber security should be tailored based on how important that information is.

7. Evaluating and Controlling Technology - New Search

This article evaluates that even low-income families are still somewhat up-to-date on technology. These kids still have tablets and a smartphone so based on the important technology essentials, there is no digital divide. This is an article worth browsing, but it's not something that's not obvious when you look around and notice everyone owns a smartphone and tablet. - New Search (BEST)

Even though the majority of people own smartphone, tablet and other technology devices it doesn't mean everyone does. In Baltimore, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funds a program called ConnectHome. This program offers homes with children the chance to get wifi for their homes by working with Comcast by creating a package for these low-income families. The resource of the internet is very important for each household to have especially in this day in age. I think everyone should read this article in order to understand stand everyones situation and the necessity of technology. - Media List

Good practice in undergraduate all point to one similar thing and that is communication. Communication with teachers, classmates and yourself. One great way to maintain this communication is through technology. You can contact your teacher and classmates other through e-mail and message through school message boards. There are many apps and programs that can help a person communicate their needs for themselves. These apps and programs can help list their expectations for classes and school. I think this is a great article that everyone should read. It nots only a good practice for undergraduate education, but it can help with other school program and career goals.

8. Risks, Failures and Responsibilities - New Search

Although technology helps people keep things in order there are those risks you can get from being to reliant on technology. Hospitals have experienced failures when it comes to making sure a patient gets the right amount of medicine. At UCSF, which has one of the best computer systems, they overdosed on one of their patient's medications. The reaction wasn't life threatening, but you wouldn't think it would happen because of the top of the line technology. This should be a lesson to not be so reliant on technology especially when it comes medical practices. There should be other methods to ensure that things like this don't occur. I think everyone should read this article to be aware of things that can go wrong when it comes to technology and the medical world. We shouldn't be too reliant on technology. - New Search (BEST)

Body cameras on police officers is a big topic, especially within the pass couple years. Police involved crimes have been making the news multiple times a year and creating a riot with many cities. By having the body cameras on police it can do two things; prevent police from using excessive force and/or prove their innocents. This form of technology can play a very important role in police activity also when it comes to captures the face of criminals or any other crimes occurring when they are present. This is an article everyone should read because it involves the safety of our society. - New Search

Not everyone finds technology reliable when it comes to cars. For example, consumer report ran a survey about Tesla and found a number of things were malfunctioning like the charging equipment, drivetrain and center console displays. Other complaints contained a balky multimedia system from car companies like Nissan and Cadillac. This is definitely an article everyone should read especially if recently purchased a car from one of these brands.

9. Anytime, Anywhere - Discussion

Nowadays, technology should be connected and accessible to anyone anytime and anywhere in the world. Chieko Asakara discusses how we should design technology catering to everyone and every disability because when we design for greater accessibility, everyone benefits. I think this is a great video to watch to help people see the new types of innovations are coming out to help assist those that are handicapped. - New Search (BEST)

Massive online open courses is getting bigger at universities. Those of people join and there is not limit to how many people can join since it's an open class. To my understand these classes are free. It is another example of people being able to get an education and read this material anywhere because it's online. Although there are deadlines for specific things before that deadline you can do the assignment anytime. I would definitely recommend this article to anyone especially since from my understanding it's free education. I myself will definitely read into it because the more I know the better. - New Search

Massive online open courses isn't as simple to join as you would think. Based on this article, the majority of students in these course are wealthier people. It didn't describe the obstacles people the less wealthy go through, but my guess is there might be a particular screening or requirement they do not meet like attending a certain University. This article only talked about Harvard and MIT, so I'm not sure about the other Universities. Again, I would still recommend this article to everyone because it'll probably intrigue people to research on the possibility of getting a free education online. I know for a fact that's what it's doing to me now.

10. Technology Advances, Social Trends - New Search (BEST)

This article was an eye opener for me on how in society today, we rely so much on technology. How would we function if technology was taken away from us starting today? One fact said that a good amount of adults have their phones at least arms length away from them. I actually fall into that category and I'm ashamed of it. I honestly think socially technology is ruining our way of communicating with one another. The resource of communication is easier, but the way we interact with one another is getting lost due to technology. Definitely an article I'm recommend to read in order to open people's eyes to how technology is painfully taking over our lives. - New Seach

Apple products always start a social trend and they always seem to try to be advance when it comes to technology. Since this patent filing was leaked, my theory is that its competition will try to create something that is far more better than just having two screens. I would definitely recommend this article to everyone because who wouldn't want to get update to date information on the latest product from Apple. - Discussion

This articles talks about The Tech Awards Gala for technology that has improved the human condition. The were a number of categories and two winners in each. One category was OPENpediatrics. OPENPediatrics developed an online learning community to allow for a global exchange of knowledge. Each content is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that the medical facts are confirmed. As of today over 800 hospitals in 124 countries are apart of this online community. By working together they can help one another become better at their practices and keep help care for the human race. This is just one of the many rewards due to the help of technology. Definitely an article worth reading to help understand some of benefits technology is creating for the human race.