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Contact-new.svg Ainsworth Ovid
Employer:University of Trinidad and Tobago
Occupation:Senior Lecturer, University of Trinidad and Tobago
Country:Trinidad & Tobago
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Personal Data

  • My name is Ainsworth Ovid. I come from the twin-island state of Trinidad and Tobago, the most southerly of the Caribbean islands. I have been involved in teaching and teacher education for most of my life. I have taught at secondary school, the Valsayn Teachers College and at the University of the West Indies. I have postgraduate qualifications in Curriculum and have functioned as a curriculum officer and curriculum coordinator in the Ministry of Education. I have been involved in the training of curriculum writers in curriculum processes and have been the team leader in the development of the Visual and Performing Arts curriculum for Forms 1-V for secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago. I have conducted numerous teacher training workshops in a wide range of educational areas. I have been a member of the Quality Education Committee of the Ministry of Education as well as involved in the development of the Ministry of Education's ICT policy and Magnet/ Specialist Programmes policy.

I am a member of the Cabinet appointed Learning and Educational Materials Committee of the Ministry of Education


  • I hold a Masters in Education Degree with a specialization in Curriculum from UWI, a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction in Painting from CCAC. USA, a Teachers'Diploma from Mausica Teachers College and have participated in numerous workshops spanning a wide range of educational areas

ODL Experiences

  • In 2007 I participated in the VUSSC Singapore Bootcamp Training Educators to Design and Develop ODL Materials. This was a very exciting three week programme that allowed me to interface with participants from all over the Commonwealth. It was my second visit to Singapore and the visit to the night Safari was really thrilling despite the inclement weather.
  • I have since co-facilitated with Prof. Santos Panda of IGNU a three-week COL and the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago sponsored Workshop on Course Design for the National Open School of Trinidad and Tobago in 2007
  • In the July/August vacation period in 2008, I conducted a Three-Day workshop: Training Educators to Design and Develop ODL Materials for teachers within the education system and University lecturers of the Pre-University Programme of the University of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • In 2009 I was a facilitator in the OER workshop sponsored by COL and the William & Flora . Hewlitt Foundation. the major consultant being Dr. Olabisi Kuboni
  • In October 2010 I participated in a Moodle Training Workshop in Namibia, South Africa.

Current Status

I am currently employed with the University of Trindad and Tobago as the coordinator of the Arts and Physical Education Programme of the Bachelor of Education degree at the School of Learning Cognition and Education. I also lecture in Curriculum, Classroom-based Assessment and Practicum. University of Trinidad and Tobago

I am also involved as a facilitator in Course Design and Development for the National Open School of Trinidad and Tobago (NOSTT)and in the training of teachers in the development of Open and Distance Materials.

  • I am married with three children Thayo Ainsworth, Leslie Thais and Jay Alexander. My wife Lystra is involved in Open and Distance Learning and is currently the Project Manager of the Distance Education Unit of the Ministry of Education.

I became a grandfather on September 30th 2010 when my daughter Leslie Thais gave birth to a daughter Laylah in Rochester, N.Y. I am currently undergoing a Moodle training workshop in Namibia. The workshop is from the 4th to 15th October 2010. Today is October 11th.


  • Re-culturing Schools:, Teacher Education, Staff Development, School Organisation and Quality Issues.
  • Curriculum Development and Integration
  • Computers in education:/Technology infusion
  • The Use of Open and Distance Learning Modality in the delivery of quality education programmes

Special Interests

I have a special interest in the use of and applications of technology in the classroom and in working in an open and distance learning environment. As a consequence I have participated in study tours that focused on the use and integration of technology in the curriculum in schools in USA, Japan, Singapore and London. I have conducted workshops and made presentations on the integration of technology in the curriculum and the role of principals in managing said interventions. The use of technology to open up communications and to facilitate collaboration amongst teachers and special groups has sharpened my interest in the the development of learning communitiies resulting in the formation of Yahoo groups. With respect to operating in an Open and Distance Learning environment, I have been encouraging teachers especially in the Visual and Performing Arts to make use of the enormous teacher resources available on-line and the availability of Open Education Resources (OER's) I have been involved in all facets of the Visal and Performing Arts and have played music professionally I am now a member of WikiCaribbean WikiCaribbean

The monkey sat on a pile of stones and he stared at the broken bone in his hand And the strains of a Viennese quartet rang out across the land

My Paintings

I am a painter. My first degreee believe it or not is in Visual Arts. I studied in California in the USA on a Government of Trinidad and Tobago scholarship. Have not shown for a while but have quite a lot of work in varying stages of completion. The following represents a sample of my work.


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Notes from my WikiNeighbours

  • Hi Ainsworth, I've been working on subcategorising all of the category pages related to countries into the main category: Category:Countries. The collection is very impressive.
In collecting all of these pages, I came across two categories for Trinidad and Tobago:
  1. Category:Trinidad_and_Tobago
  2. Category:Republic_of_Trinidad_&_Tobago
We would like to have only one main category for each country, so that all of the members and resources related to a country can be collected in one place.
In talking with others from Trinidad and Tobago, the thought is to keep Category:Republic_of_Trinidad_&_Tobago, moving all of the pages linked to the other category into this one. This would mean changing the category on this (your user) page.
If you have any thoughts on this change please include them as a reply to this discussion post.
Thanks so much, --Alison Snieckus 19:17, 24 June 2010 (UTC)