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Upper Primary Science and Mathematics Workshop-II

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This workshop was conducted by Vidya Bhawan Education Resource Centre, Vidya Bhawan Society, Udaipur, from 5th- 11th June 2009. The participants in this workshop were teachers trainers from CARE India. CARE India is an organization which is actively involved in spreading literacy and at the same time improving the quality of education. The emphasis of this workshop was on certain science and mathematic topics. These topics were suggested by the paricipants themselves. More than half of these participants had participated in a similar workshop held last year in the month of June.

Here is a glimpse of last year's workshop

Organizing Committee

  1. Dr. H.K.Dewan
  2. Mr. Kamal Mahendroo
  3. Ms.Preeti
  4. Ms. Yashodhra
  5. Mr. Yashwant

List of participants

S.No. Name of participant Male/Female District
1 Vijay Kumar Pandey Male Balrampur
2 Mukesh Chandra Srivastava Male Balrampur
3 Manoj Kumar Gupta Male Balrampur
4 Lily Sony Female Balrampur
5 Jyoti Female Baraich
6 Sangita Srivastava Female Lucknow
7 Nayana Patil Female
8 Rita Patel Female
9 Vibha Shukla Female
10 Chandrika Parmar Female Kutch, Gujarat
11 Avinash Male Lucknow
12 Anuj Kumar Srivastava Male Shrawasthi
13 Gyanendra Male
14 Shiv Shankar Male
15 Prashant Prakash Male Bahraich
16 Ashwani Kumar Tripathi Male Bahraich
17 Vipul Kumar Singh Male Bahraich, U.P.-
18 Rakesh Kr. Jha Male Bahraich
19 Rakesh Kr. Jha Male Bahraich
20 Ajay Mishra Male Bahraich
21 Azahar Khan Male Bahraich
22 Shailendra Kr. Awasthi Male Hardoi
23 Jai Singh Male Hardoi, U.P.
24 Ashok Kr. Mishra Male Lucknow
25 Piyush Shukla Male Lucknow
26 Shaleen Mishra Male Agra
27 Arvind Singh Male Allahabad
28 Vijay Pandey Male 5dist, Basti,Kgbv-
29 Sanjeev Jain Male Bahraich
30 Vineet Panwar Male Lucknow
31 Jeetendra Patel Male Kutch, Gujarat
32 Suresh Patel Male
33 Bhuvan Singh Rathod Male Patan, Gujarat
34 Gautam Parmar Male Kutch,Gujarat
35 Kadiver Prakash Male Kutch, Gujarat
36 Hakka Bhai Male
37 Kamlesh Vaged Male
38 Paresh Yadav Male
39 Umesh B. Sindhar Male Surendranagar
40 Samir Sheikh Male Kutch
41 Samir Samnani Male Kutch
42 Zafar Ali Male Lucknow
43 F A Jami Male

About the Workshop

The workshops conducted by Education Resource Centre are different from the conventional workshops. These workshops do not claim to solve all the problems faced by the teachers. Their aim is to help the teachers to solve their problems themselves. These workshops try to change the thinking process of the teachers and at the same time help them become confident enough to explore new topics. The participants are asked to work in groups to work on a series of questions. Thus enabling them to share their views in a group and convince the group members about their view point.
The main emphasis of this workshop was on Maths and Science topics of upper primary level. The sessions on mathematics were conducted by Dr. H.K.Dewan. The sessions on Science were conducted by Mr. Kamal Mahendroo. Dr. Neeti Misra took sessions related to the chemistry topics and Mr. K.R. Sharma took laboratory sessions on biology. Ms. Preeti conducted a session on Mathsie, a maths activity for school childres.

List of reading materials provided

  1. गति के ग्राफ
  2. आकाश की ओर
  3. गुणा और भाग की सूत्रविधि
  4. गुणा और भाग की समझ को विकसित करना
  5. अध्याय ११-बीज गणित
  6. जोड़ और बाकी की सूत्रविधि
  7. चीजों को अलग-अलग करना
  8. काली स्याही के अलग-अलग रंग
  9. कौन पत्ती, कौन तना और कौन फूल
  10. जड़, पत्ती और बीज
  11. एक चर वाले रैखिक समीकरण
  12. अध्याय ४
  13. पौधों मैं श्वसन
  14. एक बीज पत्री बीजों में बीज पत्र
  15. बीज और उनका अंकुरण
  16. दुनिया को नापना
  17. तो धरती भी गोल निकली
  18. पत्तियों से जान पहचान
  19. क्रोमेटोग्राफी यानी मिश्रण से अलग होते पदार्थ

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