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Key Concepts

Learning and identity

CoP or Not CoP

. . . and Higher Education

Communities of Practice and virtual learning communities: benefits, barriers and success factors
Pat Gannon-Leary, Northumbria University, United Kingdom & Elsa Fontainha, ISEG – Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

CoP projects

A contradiction in terms I know. But they do exist.


About - The Emerge project is an innovative 28 month consortium-based project. Its primary aim is to support the creation of a sustainable community of practice (CoP) that will develop and exploit new emergent technologies (e.g. social software, pervasive computing) for use in educational settings.

The consortium is led by Oxford Brookes University, and includes the University of Essex, Kingdoms College London, Glasgow Caledonian University, the University of Bedfordshire, Glenaffric Ltd, the Association for Learning Technology and a network of leading practitioners. The Emerge team will be working with the JISC to support the development of a community across British further and higher education, involving the range of projects funded by JISC's Users and Innovations Programme.

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