Usage of ICT to make an Interactive Learn

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Today we are using new technology in all over type of life. Like modern communication, video conference, Internet and the new invention is mobile conference. I think we need to have a look in how we can use this technology in education this is why!! So we can have generations able to use technology they have many skills more than us to deal with technology. All we can do think how we can use technology and new generation skills to make a good band. So we can use them in future. In the few papers I will try to explore my case study there is a chance to see what other do about education technology.


We can not think with out ICT we are use these technology every day and every moment. How we can use it in Education, how much it will cost? We know that ICT is a very expense; there are new inventions every moment. At the first of my paper I will try to explore shortly what UK, Mexico and Korea done. To be up to date of usage ICT in Education. This is what was on The First International conference ICT in pre-University Education held in Cairo April 22nd – 24th, 2007

After that I will explain my experiment about usage of ICT in my school and how my students work with ICT to make projects thought Intel Learn Program. Students have chance to work in a team work and think together to find a salutation to any problem so they can work for their local society.

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