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Hi Thank you very much for your comments.Let me shower you with praises for your great effort in making your page really fantastic.Congrats! Your suggestions are always welcome.I want to know how we create further pages.And more over what is the purpose of our user page?Is it just a front page?Even though I am wiki enthusiast I didn't get enough time to go over the tutorials.May be I will go through them as early as possible.But comments from our colleagues/friends can do wonders ...and I too felt this kind of delight when I saw your post. Regards Abdul

Khrachss (talk)06:10, 19 February 2010

Hi Abdul,

Sorry for the late response.

Your user page is your own WEBPAGE!! Yes, your very own. You can use it to showcase yourself and all the work you have been doing. This is very important because, trust me, if you search for yourself on google after doing a good userpage, you may most likely have this page as the first. The only catch is that, you are not supposed to advertise any commercial programme/products on it. Remember also that, it is mainly to showcase your educational activities and personal self.

To create a sub-page from any page, go to edit mode, put a square bracket and a foward slash "[/", type the name of the sub page you are creating, and then cose the bracket.

Victor.mensah (talk)00:18, 2 April 2010