Learning Design: Anatomy and Physiology of Animals

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Scope / Demographics

  • Workload
    • 130 Hours
    • 16 Units = about 8 hours per unit


  • Representative sample: start with Cells
  • FGI's - Two groups (F-t-F & DE students). Invite 6 (target 4 per group)
  • Determine "iDevices" (pedagogical templates) for the course.
  • Fiona and Ruth consult with Leigh re technical set up.
  • Fiona create project plan (blue print) and concept plan (storyboard) concurrent with student focus group sessions.
  • Apply for funding - OP Innovation fund - Terry and Ruth.
  • AKO fund - Bron send information to Ruth who will liaise with Terry or Leigh to write proposal.
  • Investigate employing a person to search for images to support development - involvement of WikiEd community.
  • Investigate images on free content repositories e.g. Wikicommons.
  • Negotiate release time for Ruth.
  • Wayne to organise:
    • Pedagogical templates;
    • Issues table;
    • Write letter from COL to support funding proposals;
    • Contact WELTEC re critical reviewers of design.
  • Graphic design - pedagogical icons, images.
  • Develop style guide as go - fonts, headings, references (clickable links).
  • Organise image list - include image and link if available - for copyright clearance.

Questions for Student FGI's

These are the sorts of questions I'm thinking about asking students to get a feel for their experience with the current course - and angled to get info for our development. Additions...changes?

  • What was it about the course you enjoyed the most?...what stands out as being really excellent...that you'd never get rid of if the course was to change?
  • What would you recommend changing...doing away with?
  • How would you describe the teaching and learning approach of this course?
  • What was the hardest part of the course?
  • If you had to list the types of activities you did on the course,what would they be?
  • What were some of your favourite activities? Why?
  • How did you tackle your study for this course?
  • What, if any, support did you need during the course?
  • Having done the course, what, in your opinion would be the main challenges for it to run as a distance course?(f-f group) …what is/might be difficult, from your experience?
  • Is there anything else you think might be useful for us to know? --Fiona 01:26, 28 August 2008 (UTC)


  • Copyright on images -- need to source open content license versions. Use the image template.
We need an image, diagram or chart.
Specifications: A picture of a cell that

  • Conversion of the online interactions (eg quiz) for print version