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Virtual Fieldtrip, WikiEducator, August 10, 2009

Focusing on "Community Purpose"

  • Content - educational resources, learning resources, etc.
  • Connections - networks, communities, relationships
  • Conversations - dialogue in groups
  • Context - background, history, orientation

Which WikiEducator Community?

(1) WikiEducator - general

(2) WikiEducator - Community Media - specific

(3) LearnShare HIV AIDS

(4) Learning4Content


Archbishop Desmond Tutu: A Call for Freedom

  • Watch Desmond Tutu, at the opening of a Digital Freedom Exposition conference (2007) at the University of the West Cape, South Africa.

About Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips are organized by CPSquare and SCoPE.

SCoPE Contacts

Sylvia Currie
BCcampus Online Communities
+1 250 318 2907 | GMT-8
skype: webbedfeat
twitter: currie

John Smith

Invitation to Present

Hi Randy,

Awhile back during a Skype chat I asked if you would be interested in facilitating a virtual field trip to Wikieducator. This idea came about from the Online Community Enthusiasts gathering in Vancouver.

Since then John Smith (leader of and I have been talking about the possible schedule and structure of these field trips. We plan to schedule 4 per year, and would be very interested in having you go FIRST. :-) You may already know that Nellie Deutsch and Gladys Gahona will be facilitating a SCoPE seminar: Collaborative Projects on Wikieducator beginning August 10th. Would you be available and willing to do a virtual field trip August 10th? It seems like a perfect way to launch the seminar. This event would be promoted jointly by SCoPE and CPSquare,

As a way to structure the field trips John and I thought the 'CP4' model would be simple and effective. Briefly, the model was developed by the US Military and uses 4 overlapping elements to describe a community's purpose: Content, Connections, Conversation and Context. I'll be adding a section to the CPSquare Wiki to describe the model in more detail, and to organize field trip information:

We'll use Elluminate for the web tour and discussion. We would schedule 1 hour but should allow plenty of time for questions. So essentially your role would be to show Wikieducator, and describe the community using the 4 elements, perhaps noting any tensions in the way these areas are interconnected. This will be a great way to get feedback from individuals who have experience in online community leadership roles.

What do you think? Are you interested? I hope so! :-)

Cheers, Sylvia


Where Elluminate:

Tips for Randy

Before the session

  • In your web browser open each page you wish to visit in a separate tab, in the sequence you plan to show them
During the session
  • Log in using the participant link (not the moderator link). Sylvia will bump you up to moderator. That way your real name appears.
  • Pause every few minutes to allow for questions
  • Avoid too much scrolling and jumping around because pages can be slow to download for participants



Sylvia logs in at 14:15 to:

  • upload welcome slide (Randy isn't using slides)
  • meet with Randy to help get set up if needed
  • welcome participants to the session as we approach 15:00.
  • start recording
  • introduce Randy (bios)

Sylvia will also send several notices out via twitter leading up to the session.


John Smith will

  • monitor text chat and bring forward questions / offer the microphone
  • have some questions 'in the bag' / help focus on C4P model
  • bring closure

Sylvia will

  • thank everyone, and point them in the direction of the SCoPE seminar
  • stop the recording