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Computer Science Collaborators

We are currently working with a team of University of Vermont Computer Science students on an updated Iphone app. A project communication page has been established here to facilitate this new collaboration.

News: Free Iphone app now available

You can now take your custom stream wiki to the field site. Once loaded, the app works without cell service. Please visit the app support page for instructions.

About the Streams Project

Beginning in 2008, Vermont EPSCoR together with a large number of collaborating high school teams has collected water quality and macroinvertebrate community data on a number of small streams in Vermont, New York, and Puerto Rico. The project gathers valuable research quality data while also training a new generation of scientists. Please visit the project home page for more information.

WikiEducator component

Starting in 2012, the macroinvertebrate identification tools previously hosted on a static web site are being moved to WikiEducator. Our intention is to make the components available in a reusable format that will facilitate flexible use by educators.

Macroinvertebrate templates

The templates describe macroinvertebrate families and genera that have been identified from stream samples. Each template includes a written description of characteristics useful for identification and a photograph. In many cases there are links to photographs of particular anatomical features designed to facilitate identification.

Our primary use of these templates has been to assemble them on wikis tailored to specific streams being sampled for research and educational purposes. Our intent is to lower the sometimes formidable barriers to macroinvertebrate identification by presenting the most common invertebrates from a given stream on a single page.

The templates could also be assembled in other ways. Teachers, scientists, and wiki collaborators are welcome to assemble them by taxonomic group, pollution tolerance, or in any other way that may fit a purpose we have not imagined.

River sites

List of stream wikis