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To offer a free online course on computer networks using this one stop resource centre.


Following this wiki development structure we aim to develop a list of discrete learning objectives, each with their own page of detailed objectives and then subpages (child pages) of resource lists and learning and assessment activities to suite a variety of teaching and learning styles and environments.

Curriculum and Guidance

We shall be following ACM curriculum for the computer networks.
Initially the course will be offered on the Basics of Networking
and then we shall cover the advanced topics on Computer networks

There are a number of resources available in the Internet related
to computer networks. All of these resourse are to be used by the
learner himself. There is no guidance given to a learner if he/she
wants to know about a course from the scratch.

This is an effort to help all such learners by providing them
guidance and support through a learning management system.
All such learners are required to register at WikiEducator for this course.

Computer networking

Foundations of Networking

Resource repositories

After the above categories and the topics within them have been resolved use this list of resource repositories to find freely available resources that assist in support. They will either serve as examples and scripts to our own developments, or we will negotiate copyright and use them as they are.

  • Google video
  • Wikipedia
  • Wikimedia commons
  • Yahoo video
  • Podomatic
  • Odeo
  • Google presentation
  • Flickr



Dr Sanjay Jasola