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Key points
  • Choose between a 1-page or 3-page e-tivity format:
    1. 1-page version Use this option if the course e-tivities will typically only require a short list of tasks and outputs.
    2. 3-page version: Use this option to facilitate navigation on mobile devices and avoid overly long e-Tivity pages where you anticipate a long list of tasks. The 3-page version is divided into the following component parts:
    3. Start page containing the challenge summary, stimulus resource and purpose.
    4. Tasks standard wiki page to list the suggested tasks the learner should complete.
    5. Outcomes containing the learning outcome actions.
    6. Example: see Start - Image challenge of the DS4OER course.

Boilerplate text

1-Page version

3-Page version

Wiki text is provided for the Start and Output pages. The E-Activity structure is derived from Gilly Salmon's work on e-tivities. (The tasks page is a standard wiki page without templates). Click the relevant option below and copy the wiki text and past this on the target page you are creating.