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Good plans shape good decisions. That's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true -- Lester Bittel, 1918.
Striking an agile balance between the promise of open education futures within the context of today's educational realities
The OER Foundation is your strategy innovation partner in open education. We view OER as an asset for the future (not simply a trend) for sustainable education practice. Our commitment to open, self-organising models and transparent planning provides us with the agility to help you achieve the dynamic and delicate balance between the promise of OER futures for today's reality of teaching in the classroom. We will support your institution in sharing the benefits of open education futures that are already happening

Our open strategy

OER Foundation's theory of change
OER represents a return to the core values of education, namely to share knowledge freely. Our strategy is co-designed with the international community to foster and achieve the development of sustainable OER ecosystems so that educators and learners around the world will have access to open content which we can reuse, revise, remix and redistribute in support of all national education curricula by 2015. Our strategy will focus on:
  1. Connecting educators and institutions to collaborate on an international scale. Together we can achieve far more than working alone.
  2. Supporting education institutions to reduce cost, improve quality and widen access to a diverse curriculum through selective use of OER. OER is a sustainable and renewable resource.
  3. OER innovation focusing on technological refinements for educational applications, helping individuals and organisations achieve the most from their OER investments.

Our operational plan - 2009 - 2011

The OER Foundation's three-year plan (2009 to 2011) aims to achieve a financially sustainable and international OER collaboration. The operational business model is designed to:

  • Ensure that institutional members will receive quantifiable benefits of services provided by the OER Foundation in excess of the dollar value of their membership contribution (from the onset of their membership).
  • Increase the number of registered WikiEducator users from 9,600 to 21,375 by the end of the three year plan.
  • Train 1,750 educators in wiki skills for OER content development through a minimum of 35 Learning4Content training workshops.
  • Reinvest surplus funds into commissioned OER course development for the benefit of its members targeting a proportional investment of 35% of total operating expenses by 31 December 2011 which represents 80% of membership fee contributions invested in OER content development.

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