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Composition Links

In composing music, it's a good idea to take a look at other references to help hone the composer's craft. Here are a few:

Resource Type Description
A Great Day in Harlem Movie Art Kane's famous photograph of the Jazz greats in NYC.
Young at Heart Movie A story of the Young at Heart Chorus, a group of senior citizens who perform contemporary and classic rock and pop songs
Cirque de Soleil Circus, Theatre
Hip Hop Youth Summit Council, NYC] Rap
House of Elliot TV Documentary (CBC) When the neighbourhood of Montreal North makes the news, its almost always bad. Half the teenaged boys drop out of high school. There's plenty of poverty. The tabloids feast on stories of gang wars and drug busts. Most Montrealers who don't hae to live there steer clear.

So when Dr. Elliott Mechanic bought a run down church in the neighbourhood a few years ago, he was stepping out of line. The good Doctor was brought up in Jewish Cote St. Luc in the 1950s and 60s, and he's made more than a living as a highly skilled dentist to the well heeled. But something was missing. That's where the church comes in. Dr. Mechanic has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars converting it intro a world class recording studio. He invites young musicians from Montreal North to practice and make music there for free.

And they come in droves. Among them, four Haitian Quebeckers known as the Surf Sisters. They've just brought out their first cd. and who plays lead guitar in the band? Dr. Elliott Mechanic. Living out a dream that's eluded him since he was ten years old. Produced by the CBC's David Gutnick last fall.

Experience Music Project, Seattle Museum Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's love of guitars and much more!
El Systeme, Venezuela TV Documentary Profile of Venezuala's 'system' of developing musicians