Module 1

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The candidate shall be able to:
  • Define what hardware is; identify factors that affect computer performance and name peripheral


  • Define what software is and classify common applications software and operating system software.
  • Describe how information networks are used within computing, and identify the different options to connect to the Internet.
  • Define what Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is and demonstrate its practical

applications in everyday life.

  • Describe health and safety and environmental issues in relation to using computers
  • Describe security issues associated with using computers.
  • Describe legal issues in relation to copyright and data protection associated with using computers.

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  1. General Concepts; Hardware, software, information technology, Types of computers, Main parts of a

personal computer, Computer performance

  1. Hardware; Central processing unit, Memory, Input devices, Output devices, Input/output devices, Storage devices
  2. Software; types of software, Operating system software, Applications software, Graphical user

interface, Systems development

  1. Information Networks; LAN and WAN, Intranet and extranet, The internet, The telephone network in computing
  2. The Use of IT in Everyday Life; Computers at work, Electronic world
  3. Health, Safety and Environment; Ergonomics, Health issues, Precautions, The environment
  4. Security; Information security, Computer viruses
  5. Copyright and the Law; Copyright, Data protection legislation