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Open & Online Learning in Mauritius

Quite a number of private and Governmental Institutions are promoting Distance Education in Mauritius.

Several studies have been carried to evaluate how distance education can further enhance education at tertiary level. The following document is about Distance Education for training of teachers, ...more

The following institutions are promoting DE in Mauritius:

The first open university in Mauritius

Mauritius will soon be launching its first Open University, to further promote education at tertiary level...more reading


These are some Mauritian training centres and websites involved in e-learning

The Mauritius Education and Training Web Directory

Here you can find useful links regarding Education and Training in Mauritius:


A warm welcome to the web page of Mauritius. Some of you may be wondering where the island of Mauritius is located, so just in case you are not sure, do visit this site ...Discover Mauritius
  • The island of Mauritius has not only a lot to offer to tourists, but has much experience to share in the educational sector too. Should you wish to learn a bit more about the educational sector of Mauritius, then you may find some interesting links below:
  1. The Educational Sector in Mauritius
  2. University of Mauritius
  3. Mauritius Institute of Education
  4. Ministry of Education & Human Resources
  5. Industrial and Vocational Training Board

Tertiary education in Mauritius

The Mauritian Tertiary Education Sector has witnessed major expansion in recent years. Tertiary education which started in 1924 with the College of Agriculture has since developed into a diversified system, composed of public, private, regional and overseas institutions catering for a wide range of courses and programmes. Read more...

Here are listed the Universities and Colleges in Mauritius


Polytechnics plays an important role in the tertiary education landscape in Mauritius. Institutions like the IVTB offers technical and vocational education with emphasis on the fields of business administration, education, management, marketing etc. Below can are listed some of these institutions:

Educational Clubs and Organisations

Here you can find some interesting links on available educational clubs and organisations in Mauritius:

Projects in the Education sector

Here is a list of projects which have been undertaken with WikiEducator:

The National Productivity and Competitiveness Council, NPCC projects:

InnovEd and CATs are two projects that the NPCC has conceived for the education sector – the first one is reaching its fourth edition and the latter dates back to 2001. This year will see 7th CATs Convention.


The NPCC has been promoting both an innovative culture and establishment of innovation in the economic landscape. The InnovEd project has been introduced since 2005 to this effect. This project also gives the students the chance to acquire basic skill and to develop aspects of their personality such as cooperation, team spirit, enthusiasm and self – confidence.


The NPCC has, since its inception, advocated social capital development as one of its strategic thrusts for the improvement of the country’s productivity culture. To that effect, the quality circles techniques are adopted by Civic Action Teams which have been set up by the youth in and out-of –school, women, social workers, community leaders, NGOs. These teams have been bringing innovative solutions to their day-to-day problems.

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