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Doing is one way of learning. Learning by doing can be quite fruitful. Learning by doing can be useful when learning about many things. For example, learning by doing can be utilized as a strategy when trying to learn about entrepreneurship, business, education, writing, music and so on and so forth.

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       Internship is the practical experience of the theoretical knowledge of a person.
We see the Internship programme in various courses, which gives a hands on experience over the theory which we learn.
This article is about the 40 days Internship programme of students of Teacher Trainee Institute.
The Internship programme is a part of the curriculum of the institute which aims at giving a practical experience
for its student on teaching practice or teaching pedagogies followed all over. 

For this purpose different residential schools (JNV's) were selected and students of different courses were sent to the schools.

Internship is best source to learn practically about the teaching pedagogy being practiced. 

This gave a hands on experience to all the internees. The internees could learn different teaching strategies, understand the students pschyocology, learn to handle different kinds of students, adjust to different environments, learn to cope up with difficulties, take up responsibility,

and sometimes become a role mode to the students.
Internship helped its trainees to experience the real teaching environment which was the best part.
Internees could develop various skills of teaching along with the guidance the institute supervisor and the cooperating teacher. 

Internees learned the most important lessons with the Internship. As the internees were the student teachers, it helped the internees to understand the problems of the students to the core. This even was an advantage to the students of the school to become close and friendly with the student teachers in sharing their problems and getting it resolved, this helped in developing a good rappo in the class and compatibility between the teacher and the student outside the class.

The internees could the support students in their learning difficulties as well as with their emotional imbalance.
Overall the Internship Programme was the best teaching and learning period in the life of internees.