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Signposts and Goalposts

Both downloadable from the Ako Aotearoa website.

Signposts is a concise resource for those new to teaching in the New Zealand tertiary sector, is intended as a very basic introductory text (developed by several staff developers in New Zealand) and includes one-pagers on ten critical topics. As you read through the resource, highlight the bits that could be useful to you as a new teacher.

Goalposts is an extension of Signposts and expands on a number of adult learning principles, together with suggestions for their application in the learning and teaching environment.

Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy 1 and Bloom's Taxonomy 2 provide verbs to help define the level and expectation of learning outcomes.

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy is an updated version of the traditional taxonomy that reflects relevance to 21st century work. The two top levels are exchanged in the new version.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy takes into account the new behaviours and actions emerging as technology advances and becomes more ubiquitous.

Recommended Books

The following books are very useful and I would highly recommend dipping into these resources. They are available through the Robertson Library:

  • Bishop, R., & Glynn, T. (1999). Culture counts: Changing power relations in education. Palmerston North: Dunmore Press.
  • Brown, S., & Race, P. (1998). The lecturer’s toolkit. London: Kogan Page.
  • Fry, H., Ketteridge, S., & Marshall, S. (1999). A handbook of teaching and learning in higher education. London: Kogan Page.
  • McDrury, J., & Alterio, M. (2003). Learning through storytelling in higher education: Using reflection and experience to improve learning. London: Kogan Page.
  • Zepke, N., Nugent, D., & Leach, L. (Eds.). (2003). Reflection to transformation: A self-help book for teachers. Palmerston North, New Zealand: Dunmore Press.