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LearnScope aims to build the capability of staff working in the Australian vocational education & training ( VET ) sector to use technology and e-learning strategies effectively to better meet the needs of learners and clients. It's about exploring new ways to engage, retain and motivate learners and bring them into spaces and places that mirror a certain reality using digital media forms.

The NSW LearnScope wiki is the central hub for NSW LearnScope teams and individuals to collaborate, to share their learning and establish sustainable networks, to support their ongoing capability development and to showcase their project outcomes nationally and worldwide.

Please visit our teams links and give them feedback on their initiatives.Everything is created under a Share-Alike 2.5 CC so feel free to dig and use what's available.

Focus : 2007

The focus of LearnScope is work-based staff development. LearnScope enables participants to design what, where, when and how their learning will take place during the life of the project. LearnScope moves beyond traditional expert-centred professional development models to focus on relevant, participant-driven opportunities.

NSW LearnScope team members contribute to the development of resources, interact via the NSW LearnScope blog, distribute audio content via the NSW LearnScope podcast, network image content from the field and participate in regular events.


NSW LearnScope and indeed the national LearnScope initiative would love to have registrations and contributions from the WikiEducator community. We value your feedback and welcome your use of our content where your deem it usable - with attribution of course !


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