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  1. Characteristics of good leader
  2. leadership styles
    • democratic leader
    • authoritarian leader
    • laissez faire leader

Leadership- the art of directing subordinates to achieve a common goal.

Characteristics of a good leader

  • knowledge and know how
  • tact
  • A good sense of Humour
  • efficient
  • must be trust worthy

Leadership Styles

Democratic leadership-This is seen as the best style of leadership.This type of leader involves his subordinates in the decision make process,workers feel motivated sinse they know they have helped in an important decision. This type of leader motivates his workers by promotions, perks,staff socials and outtings salary increases and other insentive schemes

Authoritarian Leader-This type of leader takes no suggestions from subordinates he is the absolute authority on all decisions.He motivates usins a big stick policy, demotions dismissals,


  • US President Barack Obama: