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Construction of THE Kamwala School

The building of Kamwala high School was begun in 1959. This was under the federal government.

This school was built originally to cater for Asian and coloured pupils. The site on which the school stands was chosen for its proximity to the housing area occupied predominantly by the Asian population.

The School began functioning in January 1961 but was officially opened on 23rd May 1961 by the Federal Minister of Education Mr. Goldberg.

The First Headteacher

The Headmaster for the first seven years was Mr. EGW Stevenswho, in his first year led a staff of nine and 120 pupils. Later in the year permission was received from his Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg, to name the school after him.

The school badge with its motto


was devised and the school became THE Prince Philip High School which consisted only of the central block comprising the offices and the few classrooms above. The staff room, the Library and the assembly hall.

Construction of the new wing

In 1962, the left wing with science laboratories and more classrooms was added and later the right wing the Art room and Domestic Science room and additional classroom. Separate woodwork was built. In 1963 a hostel was established

By the end of 1964 there were 472 pupils and about 35 teachers. In accordance with the policy of naming schools after the district in which they are situated, THE Kamwala Secondary School was adopted as our new name.

the running of the school after the first headteacher

By 1967 there were 630 pupils. Mr. Stevens who has been the first Head Master left and Mr. Wade took over, after Mr. Wade came Mr. Kopolo and then Mr. Parshotam, then came Mr. Simposya who was head teacher until 1976. Mr. Whittingham followed for 2 years and suceeded by Mrs. Masaninga after her Mr. Phiri was appointed head in september 1978

In 1977 the new block was completed. By the end of 1978 boarding facilities had been phased out and the school catered only for day scholars.

in 1982 Mr. Pelekamoyo took over as Head Master from Mr. Phiri and in 1983 Mrs. Mutampuka asted as Head. In 1984 Mr. Pelekamoyo came back as head and in 1987 Mrs Masheke acted as head and in 1988 Mr. Pelekamoyo came back and in 1989 Mrs. Shinkanga acted as head and in 1990 Mr. Pelekamoyo came back. Mrs. Sata took over as head from Mr. Pelekamoyo in July 1990

Headteacher/staffing todate

Mrs. J Chileshe from 1996 to 2004 Mr. Mvula from 2004 to 2006 Mr. J Kunkuta 2006 to 2008 Mr. C.A Saka from 2008 to date

there are currently 78 members of staff and 1,242 pupils.