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Part A: Course specification


  • OERu course name: Introduction to operations management
  • Level: 1st year Bachelor's Degree level
  • Notional learning hours: 200
  • Micro-courses
  • OERu course codes: IOPM100
  • OERu assessing institutions: University of the Highlands and Islands
  • Micro-credential options:
  • OERu mode of study: Self-directed study or cohort-based independent study with peer-learning support.

Course aim

This course introduces basic concepts of operations management and its application in business practice. It examines the theoretical foundations of operations management and the employment of these principles or models in both tactical and strategic decision-making. Topics covered include forecasting techniques, operations planning and scheduling, service operations management, capacity management and supply chain coordination.

Learning outcomes

  1. Identify and explain operations management concepts and techniques used to support management decision making in a range of contexts.
  2. Evaluate the main constituent parts of the supply chain of an organisation and identify improvements.
  3. Describe decision making in the operations management function and its application to process, capacity, supply, quality and workforce management.

Indicative content

  1. The Basics of Operations Management
  2. Evolution of Operations Management
  3. Systems Approach to Operations
  4. Operations Strategy
  5. The Supply Chain
  6. Product/Service Design & Development
  7. Forecasting Demand & Planning Capacity
  8. Facilities Layout & Flow
  9. Resource Planning and Management
  10. Quality Planning and Managing
  11. Improvement

Assessment and credit transfer options

Assessing institution 1

Assessment type Learning outcomes Details Weighting Completion requirements


Part B: Detailed objectives

Micro-course structure


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Course links (if available)

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