IUT 2009 MediaWiki Workshop

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MediaWiki is the wiki software that runs Wikipedia, Wikiversity, and WikiEducator. Wikipedia receives around 40,000 hits per second making it the 8th most visited internet site. Educators can leverage this open source wiki software to improve collaboration and active learning. This workshop will begin with basic wiki editing and quickly move on to activities like collaborative video editing, threaded discussions, and virtual experiments. Each participant will leave with a record of his/her learning.

Learn about collaborative video editing, threaded discussions, and virtual experiments in a wiki

After a brief introduction by the facilitator you will start on the introductory activities. The introductory activities should not take more than 1.5 hours to allow time for the intermediate activities. If you need help and the facilitator is busy try following the Help link which is always located on the left-hand sidebar or ask a neighbour.

Icon objectives.jpg Objectives
In this workshop we will

At this point you should have received a copy of the workshop handout. If you don't have one click the workshop handout link and arrange to get a printout. The handout includes some introductory information and the Wikipedia Cheatsheet with common wiki editing syntax -- keep it close as it will prove to be quite valuable.

When you are ready to begin follow me to the activities.