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Newbie Next Steps

What's next?

  • Please introduce yourself - Set Up Your User Page - and tell us about your activities and interests.
Type in your User name below (for example User:Mackiwg), and click on the button to start your own user page in WikiEducator. (Remember your username is case sensitive).
If you want some ideas about getting started, please look at some of your WikiNeighbour user pages for some ideas. Here is the current list of WikiNeighbours.
  • Try your hand at the Wiki Syntax
Check out the links below on getting started with your User Page. Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time! There are many WikiNeighbours roaming our community, drop them a note and they will come along to help you out! (Go to the list of WikiNeighbours or click on the signature below.)
Please tell your friends, family and colleagues . Tell them that you are part of a very important effort to build a free version of the education curriculum by 2015 and we need your help. There are many levels required - primary education, secondary education (high school), vocational and higher education (colleges and universities). Encourage others to join the WikiEducator community! For example, you can email them the WikiEducator brochure
  • Be a WikiNeighbour for someone else.
If a WikiNeighbour visits your User Page and helps you out, or refines your Wikisyntax so that your skills are better the next time 'round, pass along the favour!