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There are a few ideas on how to design wikieducator resources so as to be as reusable as possible, one such idea is Leigh Blackall's wiki structure based around pages for learning outcome or competency standard statements:

Proposed wiki structure (CC BY)

Each page of learning outcomes or competency standards has sub-pages for libraries or resources and learning activities. The libraries are link lists to a range of reference materials such as wikibooks, wikipedia articles, and multi media from the commons. The lists correspond to the learning outcome or competency standard page. The activities are designed to guide learners through the learning outcomes or competencies by referring to suitable resources and suggesting suitable activities.

Over time it may be that Wikieducator has learning outcome or competency standard pages for a whole range of specific skills and knowledge, along with libraries of resources and activities for these pages. Educators and institutions may like to create course pages that simply outline the topics in the course and list links to pages of learning outcomes or competency standards. It may be that the course page links directly to the learning activity pages so as to minimise the formalities for learners who may prefer to get straight into the learning.