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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg


A set of tools to enable Peer Evaluation in wiki based courses. The tool is being built for the OERu and WikiEducator but would be flexible enough to be used in other wiki's or even elsewhere (using APIs) like we tested on a snapshot based OCL4Ed course.

Source code

Installation instructions

Download the extension

You may do this by directly cloning this repository using,
 git clone https://gitorious.org/peer-evaluation/peer-evaluation.git 
inside the "*$IP/extensions/*" folder. Note: $IP stands for the root directory of your MediaWiki installation, the same directory that holds LocalSettings.php.

or, download the latest stable version as a tar.gz .

In case you have downloaded the archive, create a subdirectory at "$IP/extensions/" named PeerEvaluation and extract the contents in this directory.

Installation and configuration

Step 1

At the end of the LocalSettings.php file (but above the PHP end-of-code delimiter, "?>", if present), the following line should be added:

require_once "$IP/extensions/PeerEvaluation/PeerEvaluation.php"; 

If the name of your folder or path where you downloaded the extension if different from above, please change the line accordingly.

Step 2

In case you have downloaded the extension at a different folder than the default, change the value of the configuration variable $wgPeerEvaluationHomedirPath located towards the end of the PeerEvaluation.php file.

Step 3

Add the required tables to the database as per schema.sql present in this folder. You may use the update.php script to do this or directly make changes to the database.

Now you are good to go. You may follow the below quick start guides to use peer evaluation now.

Quick start guides

  • If you are a course instructor and/or want to use Peer Evaluation in some way follow these simple steps .
  • If you are a learner looking to submit peer evaluation and/or make a submission the get it evaluated by peers follow these instructions.





Tags would allow the flexibility to integrate the Peer Evaluation components as per the needs of a course.

Interface for course facilitators / instructors

  • Adding a course : Adding a course to the system would be as simple as writing a wiki page for a course in a specified format. There would also be a special page to do this automatically for facilitators.
  • Activities : Activities are tasks which are to be evaluated by the Peer Evaluation system. They consist of the task itself and the evaluation rubric.

Rubric Format

Components for Learners

Other Functionalities

  • Option to flag an evaluation
  • A statistics page

Karma System

It is a proposed system for a metric to measure legitimate participation in wiki based courses and Peer Evaluation. It also could be possibly extended to gauge contributions in general. More karma points would mean better participation.



  • I strongly encourage you to follow the Mediawiki coding conventions and for PHP and JavaScript specifically. I think they are ugly (especially the spaces around parens in if/switch statements)... but it is their project, and if you would like your extension to be adopted more widely it is best to try to fit in.
  • Use meaningful commit messages (the why is often important, because the content of the commit shows the what). Imagine your reader is somewhat familiar with your codebase, your commit messages should provide enough of a story that the reader knows whether or not to read the commit because they are interested in the details. fix submit when evaluator not logged in or add multiple evaluation feature is much more meaningful than fixed small bugs or feature added.