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About this Community

This Internet Community is hosted by the eLearning Lions and developed by Moustapha. It has the following purposes:

  • Promote and initiate discussion on the current use of ICT for Development, Education and Training in Senegal. This forum will also intends to discuss barriers for integrating ICT in the Educational System of Senegal, meaning in Higher Education and in K-12. We invite all the Senegalese Elearning Practioners to join us in this effort in promoting ICT-based education in our country and in spreading the word about DAKAR HOSTING eLA2009.
  • Bring the Senegalese Elearning Practioners to join efforts in organizing eLearning Africa 2009 in Senegal.
  • Document all ICT-based education currently being used or deployed within the Senegalese Education Systems. If we have colleagues doing interesting things from UCAD, the University of Thies, please let us know. More we know what each other is doing, more chances we have to succeed in this global network.
  • Appeal to the Senegalese Diaspora. Wether he is based in Europe, or USA...A Senegalese is always ready to contribute back home. Give the Diaspora the opportunity to contribute.
  • Conduct ICT-Readiness Research targeting higher education and K-12 institutions in Senegal. Collect des donnees sur l'etat des NTIs dans les ecoples primaires et secondaires.

About the Lions

The eLearning Lions
'eLearning Lions' was a nickname first used by Moustapha Diack in reference to Bakary Diallo, Rector of the African Virtual University, and Mor SECK, President of the Association of African Distance Learning Centre (AADLC) and the Manager/Director of the Senegalese Distance Learning Centre.This was "Subject" of a follow-up e-mail sent right after the eLearning Africa 2008 Conference in Accra, Ghana. We briefly met after the conclusion of eLA2008, that culminated with the Ceremony of the MANeLA Awards, on May 31, and decided to work together in finding ways to better education in Senegal and Africa.

- Moustapha: "These gentlemen have their visions of a better Africa and a better Senegal. I was impressed by the work they do for Africa at the International level and their drive to serve our beloved country of Senegal". The name eLearning Lion stuck with this group of three, carried forward by our tenacity and collaboration in this work. We recently started brainstorming opportunities to host the eLearning Conference in Senegal and means to collaborate on ICT Capacity Building and promote the deployment of eLearning solutions in support of economic development in Senegal. So the Lions are:

  • Mor Seck

President of the Association of African Distance Learning Centre (AADLC) and the Managing Director of the Senegalese Distance Learning Centre.
Bref Bio Available here
Interview with eLearning Africa

  • Bakary Diallo

Rector of the African Virtual University - AVU
Bref Bio Available here

  • Moustapha Diack

Professor, Southern University, LA, USA - Diack is Director of the MERLOT Africa Network.
(Bref Bio Available here)
Interview with eLearning Africa

Referenced Links to eLearning Organizations in Senegal

  1. Agence de l'information de l'Etat du SENEGAL
  2. Senegal Ministry of Education
  3. Faculté des Sciences et Technologies de l'Education et de la Formation
  4. Africa Virtual University - AVU HomePage
  5. Association of African Distance Learning Centres – AADLC HomePage
  6. The MERLOT Africa Network - MAN HomePage
  7. EDUSUD HomePage
  8. UNESCO Dakar - Bureau Régional pour l’Education en Afrique (BREDA)
  9. eLearnig Africa Conference Web Site
  10. African Ministries of Education
  11. Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa

Senegalese Businesses Supporting the eLA2009


Senegalese Foundations For Education and Woman Rights

Global Giving Senegal

Higher Education News from Senegal and Diaspora

The Francophone school has difficulty in gaining access to technology
The Secretary General of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) Abdou Diouf stress the difficulties of the Francophone school to integrate new technologies.

RESPONSABILITE SOCIALE DE L’UNIVERSITE : Des chercheurs relèvent plusieurs manquements
Maguette NDONG

Moustapha Diack

Bakary Diallo

FRENCH Open Education Resources (F-OER)

This collection and research is sponsored by the MERLOT Africa Network (Moustapha Diack, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA - MAN Director), the EDUSUD (Virginie Torrens, ICT in Education - UNESCO/BREDA - DAKAR) and Northern Virginia Community College, NVCC (Laura Franklin, Co-Editor, MERLOT World Languages)

The Goal of this collaboration is to raise awareness and improve access to F-OER. The aim of this wiki community is to serve as a portal to (2) F-OER Repositories available on the Internet, (2) Free Software for Authoring F-OER. Users can also contribute to the Wiki by adding learning resources in French Language

Free Software for Content Authoring of F-OER

Wikieducator, 2008 Winner of the MANeLA Awards , is a project sponsored by the Commonwealth Of Learning (col) to develop open educational resources primarily for use in the developing countries.

F-OER Repositories

French Wikiversity

Contribute a F-OER Resource

The Country of Senegal