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Earning money can be accomplished through business and entrepreneurship. Learning about how to successfully earn money when needed and/or desired can potentially be quite useful and fruitful. Other humans pay you money for services and goods that you have provided. Provide something and provide others with a way to pay you with money.

Labor can be provided. Brain power can be provided. Goods can be provided. Humans will sometimes pay to be entertained. Innovation can be a good way to earn money, potentially. Earning money can be quite useful. Money is a tool. When earning money through entrepreneurship and helping others occurs in parallel, then it can be referred to as social entrepreneurship. When both of those things are done online, then it can be referred to as online social entrepreneurship. Someone who engages in online entrepreneurship can be thought of as being an Internet entrepreneur. Utilizing and conducting market research and business research can potentially be useful when trying to earn money.