Early Family Childhood Care and Education (EFCCE) Project

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we are registered with ACCESS FOR ACTION a non-governmental organisation operating in Uganda and commiteed to helping children who have droped out of school in adressing the diversity of their learning needs in the fields of

  1. Agriculture,
  2. HIV\AIDS,
  3. Vocational and continuing Education and lastly
  4. suppport and Advocacy.

As part of ACFA, EArly Family Childhood Care and Education Project major objective is to: bulid up enhanced community support and involvement in primary school education work by making schools a big family where every one is very respectful and caring, also the idea of making parents feel at home in the schools thus making schools a focal point for the whole community


Government launched the Universal primary education(UPE) in 1997 that made it free and compulsory for school going age between the age of 6 and 12 to attend primary school. The programme has since faced challenges the most pressing being the high dropout rate, of the 2.1 million pupils who entered primary Grade 1 in 1997, only 22.5%were still in school by 2003, in 2000 out of 1,622,945 children who enroled ,only 458,427managd to reach grade seven translating into only 28%(EMIS2006)[1], This implies that 72% of the same cohort of 2000 hade been left out on the way side.link here to know of how children dropout of school with decreasing Aid


  • Where do the children go?
  • who is in charge of their learning needs?
  • what do they do once they are out of school?
  • They dropout when they are not yet productive
  • This age group is so Vulnerable to the risks of HIV\AIDS
  • No statistical data form the Ministry of Education/Districts on these children

Where as ACCESS FOR ACTION is concerned in this area of Dropouts it is also concerned of seeing that those in school do not dropout thus designing this project to see that it tackles the barriers to the UPE programme,

  • working with schools,
  • teachers,
  • parents and
  • children.


to nurture Education for Growth and sustainable Development


To strenthen and support childrens' performance in schools through learnnig activities that make schools more enjoyable,practical and a focal point for the whole community


    • Enhance parent literacy and support to childrens'learning needs and performance both at home and school acieved
    • Improved parent teacher support, interaction and gap reduced in the learning system of their children achived
    • Enhanced community support to school projects

Elements of EFCCE

  • Introduction of Joint session classes for both parents and their children in the same class
  • Use of interactive Learnnig methods to children' learnnig
 *parenting skills to parents to support their children' learning outside class
  • Improving literacy levels especially of illeterate mothers
  • child support growth and development

Target group

  • Parents especially mothers with low literacy
  • Children in primary grade 1 and 2
  • School management committes


Since our inception in june 2008 in Mityana District,Malangala sub-county we have Achieved the following:

  • We have made 4 primary schools more enjoyable for the children and parents
  • We have trained over 15 teachers in interesting ways of dealing with parents and children in joint Class sessions
  • working with children by using and making learning materials and actively engaging parents within the learning systems and making them to appreciate the importance of keeping their children in school
  • we have equiped parents with parenting skills,literacy and numerical skills
  • We have supported children in learning Agriculture when in school
  • We have senstised parents and School PTAs on their role and responsibilities in school
  • Enabling parents to support their children in homework outside class

  • We have increased parental awareness of the value of education to their children
  • Parent groups meet to discuss issues of their young children including Health,Nutritional status and Child development

Schools Benefiting From the Project

  1. St Kizito Primary School Bbongole
  2. Kabwuma primary School
  3. St Jude Nursery and primary school
  4. Kabagolo primary school

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For further communication and interests in joining this project

contact us KALIISA ROBERT project cordinator EFCCE P o box 4029 Kampala Email

  • robertkaliisa@yahoo.com
  • robertkaliisa@accessuganda.org


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