Demonstrate leadership skills in a tour context/Activities/Leadership within a particular tourism context

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Group Hug at Auckland Zoo

Image courtesy of cheetah100


  • Identify leadership styles for specified tourism contexts


Imagine you are taking a group of people on a visit to Auckland Zoo. You will possibly get some varied groups such as:

  1. Primary school students
  2. Secondary school students
  3. Mixture of English and non English speaking people
  4. People with a good record of discipline who will do what they are told
  5. Or people likely to throw something or climb into the tiger’s cage
  6. Six people
  7. Students studying biology or tourists visiting the region
  8. People who love animals
  9. People who are scared of them

Choose a leadership style for each of the options above:

  • In a short paragraph demonstrate that you understand which style of leadership matches each group (above) and explain why you chose that particular leadership style
  • Here are a range of interpersonal skills: flexibility, empathy, respect, communication, physical and emotional stress - which skills are required for each group.

Supporting Material

Leadership styles